Losing to good teams on the road ensures your postseason plight …..

November 15, 2010 |

Are delivery drivers able to tell dentists how to pull teeth?

Could they show a mechanic the most efficient way to replacing a heater core?

Would they know the customary law enforcement procedure to interacting with a suspected drunken driver during a traffic stop?

The answers are NO, NO and NO.

But, if they love football – Ravens football – I’ll guarantee they have a distinct opinion on what poison or deficiency ails Greg Mattison’s defense.

Don’t misunderstand the message …. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have opinions about the Ravens, Orioles and other sports interests.  That’s a greater part of being a fan.  But, having the intellect to also know many facets of the NFL game are above our heads is just good common sense.

For weeks, I’ve broached the topic of Joe Flacco’s performance against the COVER-TWO defense.  Yet, most NFL fans don’t know what it really is.  And, I’m absolutely certain half the guys (and girls) who carry a notepad out to One Winning Drive and M&T Bank Stadium’s pressbox share the same lack of knowledge.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco throws under pressure from Cincinnati Bengals' Domata Peko (94) during the first half of their NFL football game Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio, September 19, 2010.  REUTERS/John Sommers II   (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT FOOTBALL)

And, they’re the insiders !!!!  They’re the so-called experts !!!!

Granted, you can poke holes throughout my basis of knowledge when it comes to hybrid versions of the COVER-TWO and just about any other defensive or offensive scheme.  But, I understand its premise.

I also understand the conventional 4-3 and 3-4 defenses, nickel and dime packages, and the true meaning of “8 in the box.”  I know about the 46-defense and who created it.  And, I know where to find Sam, Mike and Will …..

As for the offense, I can recognize the different formations and explain the gaps/lanes to someone.  I understand the quarterback’s strengths and vulnerabilities, both inside and outside the pocket.  And, I can usually identify the basic receiver routes, like post, curl and slant.

I consider myself to be a guy who could learn more about football; who needs to learn more about football.  Yet, I’d be willing to bet I know more about the technical aspects of the game than many of the people who are covering this team and most teams.

My basis of knowledge cannot begin to scratch the surface of John Harbaugh’s resume’.  The same applies to Ozzie Newsome and Eric Decosta. Who am I to ignorantly question their decisions?

Quite frankly, I’m not qualified.  Nor is anyone else in the media, to be totally honest about it.

There’s no shame in this reality – just as long as we understand, appreciate and articulate points and arguments that honor their qualifications and experience.

They’re not necessarily smarter – they’re just more knowledgeable about a certain subject and profession.  I have no doubt I could teach John, Eric and Ozzie how to interact with that suspected drunken driver – to ensure the case is not lost at trial, due to legal procedures and policies.