Midweek Musings

February 06, 2008 |

  • It’s been 10 days since Adam Jones told a Venezuelan reporter that he was coming to Baltimore as the centerpiece of a trade between the Seattle Mariners and Baltimore Orioles.  Adam Jones is still not an Oriole, Erik Bedard still hasn’t flown to Seattle for his physical, Peter Angelos was reportedly “furious” that young Mr. Jones made any type of public comments regarding any potential deal, Andy MacPhail continues to issue no comments, and everyone, players, executives and fans alike, are wondering exactly what is going on (if anything).  I said it Saturday on the air, and I’ll continue to say it: Absolutely nothing has changed with the Orioles under this ownership group.  Nothing can get done with this bunch without protracted fighting.  It seems the only drama that comes with this team occurs well off the diamond.  Lord knows there hasn’t been any drama on the field for well over a decade. 
  • Meanwhile, Aubrey Huff and Jay Gibbons are still on the 40 man roster.
  • Can MacPhail just get Brian Roberts to the Cubs, or does he really have to get this Bedard to Seattle charade completed first?  Spring Training begins in eight days, Andy…
  • I’m getting excited for the Terps NCAA Tournament chances.  Most websites have Maryland “on the bubble” for an at-large berth.  But a win tonight at BC puts them at 5-3 in a decidedly mediocre ACC.  The schedule is fairly kind to the Terps down the stretch; two wins this week (N.C. State visits Comcast Center Saturday night) gives them an excellent chance at 10 conference victories.  I still believe that’s the magic number for them to get in the Big Dance, because those losses to VCU, Ohio U. and American are RPI killers.  But should the Terps go 10-6 in the ACC and finish in the top four, they’ll likely get about a 7 seed in the NCAAs.
  • Key for tonight’s game: Stopping Tyreese Rice.  Hayes and Vasquez have trouble stopping smaller, quicker point guards.  Could we see some extended minutes for Adrian Bowie tonight?  One more key: Landon Milbourne.  If he continues to improve as he has, then Maryland poses real matchup problems for any team in the country.  His effectiveness on the wings makes the guards better and leaves Gist and Boom open in the post.  Milbourne’s been the biggest and most pleasant surprise by far this season.  I can foresee him being a 20 ppg scorer by his senior year.
  • Unless you have ESPNU, you’ll either have to go out to watch tonight’s game or stay home and tune in Johnny Holliday and Chris Knoche.  I’m choosing the latter.  Johnny Holliday is absolutely one of the great play-by-play voices of my lifetime.  I could listen to him call tiddlywinks.  Also, he’s been calling Nationals games on MASN.  Here’s one vote to get him on Orioles’ telecasts for ’08.  (Oops, my bad: I forgot that anything Baltimore fans like is deliberately ignored by this Reign Of Error.  Keep Johnny Holliday on Nats’ games only, Mr. A!)
  • A few leftover Super Bowl thoughts:  I cannot understand why Belichick elected to go for it on 4th and 13 with over 6 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.  A field goal from 50 yards would make it a 7 point game in a game where points were clearly at a premium.  If you don’t have faith in your current kicker, perhaps you should have given Vinatieri the big bucks two years ago.  Also, New England absolutely recovered Ahmad Bradshaw’s fumble on the following series.  Since when did wrestling the ball from under a player’s gut (and taking approximately 5 seconds to do so) become legal?  Really, an awful piece of officiating.  Lastly, why didn’t Randy Moss jump for the ball on the penultimate play of the game?  He’s pretty good at that.  Was he exhausted?  Didn’t it matter?  Did he just expect Tom Brady to lay it in his hands from 60 yards away?
  • This was, by far, my favorite Super Bowl ever in terms of personal finances.  Thanks to Lawrence Tynes and the Giants’ D for that 3-0 1st Quarter score!  It looks like Papa might get that High-Def TV after all!