Monday press conference notes

October 20, 2008 |

Here are some news and notes from the Monday press conference:

– Coach Harbaugh said that he does not discipline players with them not getting to play. The decision based  on not starting Chris McAlister was that he played the best players that give them a chance to win. Coach Harbaugh then talked about the great job that Frank Walker and Fabian Washington did against the Dolphins. Chris McAlister said right before Coach Harbaugh’s press conference that his knee feels “excellent”.

– Samari Rolle and Dawan Landry  could both possibly play this week against the Raiders

-Adam Terry will get  his knee scoped tomorrow. He has a slight meniscus tear on the outside and will try to clean it up and see how quickly they can get him back. Coach Harbaugh praised the job done by  Chris Chester on Sunday.

– The one concern with the  Raiders that was immediately pointed out was the job that they have done on special teams and returns and something that the Ravens will have to focus on containing on Sunday.

– The Ravens will submit the hit on Edgar Jones to the NFL for review. Jones was hit right in front of the Ravens sideline early in yesterday’s game.

– Troy Smith being the number two guy is based on the fact that he is ready to do it at this point. If Troy would have had to go in, he could go in and do something that would cause defenses problems.

– Antwan Barnes things he got a penalty for taunting, based off of him leaning forward to help Haruki Nakamura off of the ground after his special teams hit. Coach Harbaugh said that Barnes just has to be aware of his body language.