Monday Thoughts

January 21, 2008 |

I’m ecstatic over the hiring of John Harbaugh.  After watching the presser of John, I was ready to run threw a brick wall for that guy!  Wow!  At the end of the day the Ravens brain trust made the best hire of the coaching carousel this offseason.  Coach Harbaugh brings character, passion, discipline, and good coaching pedigree to Baltimore.  I’m pumped for the new coaching regime.

On the NE-Bolts game now.   Was that 9+ minute drive in the 4th qtr. by Brady and co. perfection or what!  Kevin Faulk got my vote as MVP of the game.  His receptions were money, big time grabs on the game clinching drive.  LT and the Bolts will be shaking their heads and wondering what could have been if they just converted a few of the FG’s into TD’s.  I’m calling out LT for not playing yesterday.  LT talked all this junk about the revenge the Bolts wanted on NE and you would do anyhting to beat the Pats and get to the Bowl, blah blah blah!  LT stayed on the sidelines with no emotion.  Be a man LT, lay it out on the field for you and your teamates.  Heck who knows you may never get back to a championship game.  You should always play a championship game like it’s your last game!  At least Rivers showed guts and stuck it out for the team. 

In the NFC game.  Do you all notice how hard and tough Bradshaw runs for the NY Giants!  That guy is a beast.  It took every ounce of muscle from the GB D to tackle that guy.  The Giants running attack and Eli’s hot hand will pose some problems for the NE D in the Bowl.  I will still take NE in a close magnificent Super Bowl.   19-0   RIP  1972 Dolphins!

What do you all think about the Super match-up and Coach H?