More Questions Than Answers for the Ravens

May 25, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson

#8 – Is Ed Reed 100% committed?


I suspect we’ll know the answer to this one before long. If Reed is playing, he’s committed, and while he’d surely like to parlay what could be perceived as Ravens desperation into a longer-term payday, he’s still got several million reasons to play. Ed Reed playing for a contract could be scary.


#9 – Who else will they land?


During their most recent four-year run of success, the Ravens have been especially adept at filling holes late, during training camp as teams pare down their roster and let go of cumbersome contracts. For players in that situation, the Ravens have proven attractive. In addition to the chance to prove themselves for potential paydays to follow, veterans who are free to choose can take comfort in the Ravens reputation for its treatment of players and the chance to win sure doesn’t hurt.


#10 – How good are the Bengals and Steelers?


The Bengals will be a sexy pick in 2012, and like it or not, they’re on the rise. They have last season’s success to build on and by most accounts they had a very good draft. It wouldn’t be the first time folks jumped on the Bengal bandwagon too early, but they look pretty legit. And while the Steelers had a tough off-season on paper (draft notwithstanding), they’re still the Steelers. There are reasons to believe the Art Rooney II regime won’t be as good as the Dan Rooney regime was, but I’m reluctant to believe it until we see it. As for the Browns…you never know.