Morning Reaction Friday Football Picks and Comment

November 19, 2010 | Glenn Clark

Here are this weekend’s football picks. Through 10 weeks in the season, Drew Forrester is 83-59 and Glenn Clark is 84-58…

Ravens/Panthers: 34-6 Baltimore (Drew), 31-10 Baltimore (Glenn)
Bills/Bengals: 30-27 Buffalo (Drew), 20-17 Buffalo (Glenn)
Lions/Cowboys: 28-17 Dallas (Drew), 27-16 Dallas (Glenn)
Browns/Jaguars: 28-13 Jacksonville (Drew), 17-12 Jacksonville (Glenn)
Cardinals/Chiefs: 27-20 Arizona (Drew), 23-17 Kansas City (Glenn)
Packers/Vikings: 24-21OT Minnesota (Drew), 24-21 Green Bay (Glenn)
Texans/Jets: 24-10 New York (Drew), 28-23 New York (Glenn)
Raiders/Steelers: 24-19 Pittsburgh (Drew), 16-13OT Pittsburgh (Glenn)
Redskins/Titans: 27-23 Tennessee (Drew), 26-17 Tennessee (Glenn)
Seahawks/Saints: 33-17 New Orleans (Drew), 34-14 New Orleans (Glenn)
Buccaneers/49ers: 20-17 Tampa Bay (Drew), 14-13 San Francisco (Glenn)
Falcons/Rams: 27-23 Atlanta (Drew), 22-14 Atlanta (Glenn)
Colts/Patriots: 27-17 New England (Drew), 30-28 New England (Glenn)
Giants/Eagles: 23-21 Philadelphia (Drew), 26-23 Philadelphia (Glenn)
Broncos/Chargers: 30-10 San Diego (Drew), 28-18 San Diego (Glenn)
(Drew and Glenn both correctly picked the Chicago Bears to beat the Miami Dolphins Thursday night.)
Florida State/Maryland: 38-24 Seminoles (Drew), 20-17 Seminoles (Glenn)
Arkansas State/Navy: 29-20 Midshipmen (Drew), 38-17 Midshipmen (Glenn)
Towson/New Hampshire: 27-7 Wildcats (Drew), 27-6 Wildcats (Glenn)


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