Mrs. Garrett running the show

January 16, 2008 |

Seems to me that Mrs. Garrett is in charge of negotiations. As a Harvard Law School Grad maybe she should be. I do not like the message I got today by him leaving and the wife looking pissed, walking 3 feet ahead of him and getting into the car. Hopefully it means nothing. But sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

No way he left here with any intention on taking the Atlanta job. Why would you want your first job as a HC in a city where you are set up to fail? Atlanta has no QB, a weak oline, an aging, undersized RB and very little talent on the defensive side of the ball. Maybe Mrs. Garrett is just trying to make the Ravens sweat and cough up the extra 500K they want.

Maybe he left here without signing to speak to Jerry Jones in person about the offer. His trip to Atlanta is a smoke screen so he does not tip his hand to the Ravens. I actually respect him if he wants to speak to JJ in person before he takes the job here. I think he should be loyal to Jerry and speak to him before accepting any job.

I did not want Garrett as our HC. I feel he has not accomplished anything warranting consideration for our HC job. the man has been an OC for 1 year. He is coaching a team loaded with talent. His numbers were no more impressive than the numbers Sporano put up in 2006 when he was calling plays for Parcells. I want a more accomplished man at the helm of our team.

Then I read his coordinators would be Dom Capers (DC) and Cam Cameron (OC). IF this is true I just hopped on the Garrett band wagon. These are two solid coordinators who would help our team reestablish itself as a winner. Capers has coached many successful defenses. With the talent we have on that side of the ball we can expect more top 5 finishes from the D. Cameron was very successful in SD as the OC. He was number 1 and number 5 in scoring offense his last two years in SD.

So I hope that Garrett is just being honorable and waiting to see Jerry in person to tell him the news. I hope his wife just looked unhappy and wasn’t actually upset with the process. I hope if the hold up is 500K Bisciotti shows him the money. I would like to get him in Bmore ASAP if he is our first choice. We have scouting to do.