My snapshots & memories of the great life of Arthur B. Modell…

September 06, 2012 | Nestor Aparicio

with Art Modell


In 1996, Art Modell made his Baltimore radio debut with me at The Barn:
















In 1998, we chatted at length at Yogi’s in Aberdeen:














After the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl in January 2001, Art Modell visited the set of my nationally syndicated Sporting News Radio set in Westminster at Bair Stadium. I think he was telling jokes — as usual!















Art Modell changed Baltimore forever.

He brought the Ravens to town and he gave me the best advice I ever got from anyone in sports:

“When you think I’m wrong feel free to criticize me. If all you do is praise me, no one will ever believe it. Then, you’ll have no credibility. Whatever you do, be fair, be honest…”