Never too early to start talking Fantasy Football

May 16, 2008 |

So, since I will miss another Chicken Box Friday…last one til July….I figured a blog…

My early top 5 picks this year:

1. LT…until someone consitently does what he does…he is still number 1

2. Brian Westbrook…maybe a bit risky…because of injury, but no one does more for their team.

3. Steven Jackson…I still believe

4. Joseph Addai…again I love 3 down back that catch the ball…

5. Adrian Peterson…before you all start a revolt…he still does not catch the ball out of the backfield…still has C. Taylor stealing 5 to 10 touches a week and is still only going into his second year…lets not crown him yet…plus MN still has no passing game so teams will have to key on him.

BEST ROOKIE: Jonathan Stewart


Beware of: TOM BRADY and RANDY MOSS…not saying they will be bad, but just do not draft them based on records…draft them based off a solid pro-bowl year..