NFL Drops the Ball on Ravens vs. Texans (surprise)

September 13, 2008 | Thyrl Nelson

Okay, first what they really should have done was made a decision on this one earlier. However, in an effort to insure that Houston didn’t get cheated out of a home game the NFL has made a mess.

Now, the Ravens and Texans are both forced to basically forego their bye weeks. Whatever plans the coaching staffs had to help their guys recouperate is off. In addition to forcing both teams into a week 2 bye, which would already be a dsisadvantage, neither team got the courtesy of knowing about their bye until just over 48 hours from gametime.

The move also takes a November stretch that was supposed to be @CLE, bye and then @ NYG and turns it into 3 straight road games for the Ravens. It also gives the Texans 4 straight home games in the second half of the season (the rest of their division won’t be happy if they wind up being unlikely contenders). It also forces Cincinnatti to push their bye week back by two weeks to week 10.

So much for not disturbing the competitive balance. And to think, Goodell could have simply moved the game to Baltimore. Both teams play the Raiders later in the season. The Ravens play them at home and the Texans on the road. If the NFL had simply switched the venues of those 2 dates, everything would have worked out, with minimal disruption to the schedule. Everyone would have had 8 home and road games, nobody’s bye would have to be moved and Oakland would have until week 8 to deal with any minor issues that this may have caused them. And perhaps best of all, they could have set up a collection outside of M&T to go to the relief effort and raised some money for the victims too.

But what do I know? Maybe next time the commish will call me first. If he does he’ll get an earful about changing the week 1 game book to read reverse instead of double reverse.