NFL Power Rankings – Week 5

September 30, 2008 | Thyrl Nelson

Here are the week 5 NFL Power Rankings. Again, there is no scientific formula or panel of expert consultants, just my opinion based on what we’ve seen so far this season. Last week’s ranking is in parenthesis.

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  1. NY Giants (2) – 3-0 – The bye week was good to the Giants, with neither the Cowboys or Broncos able to deliver, and with the lack of a bona fide AFC powerhouse, the Giants are the de facto #1 this week.
  2. Tennessee Titans – (7) – 4-0 – Dominant defense and a legitimate running attack have the Titans poised to be a powerhouse in the AFC. They’re scoring a respectable amount, but still have a lot to resolve as it pertains to the QB position.
  3. Buffalo Bills (5) – 4-0 – They seem to have a problem with playing to the level of their competition, but no one has been more dangerous when the game is on the line.
  4. Washington Redskins (12) – 3-1 – They still appear to be growing into Jim Zorn’s offense, but in the meantime they keep doing enough to get wins. Let the merry-go-round at the top of the NFC East begin.
  5. Dallas Cowboys (1) – 3-1 – The Cowboys look like a team that can overcome anything but themselves. Until Dallas can prove that it’s able to handle it’s own success, their long-term success is debatable.
  6. Pittsburgh Steelers (6) – 3-1 – They’re certainly not the dominant defense and running game that we’ve grown accustomed to, but they’re probably still the best team in a weak division this year.
  7. Carolina Panthers (9) – 3-1 – With dangerous receivers and a dynamite RB tandem, the Panthers offense may finally be ready to compliment that defense and get them into the playoffs.
  8. Denver Broncos (3) – 3-1 – KC can be a tough place to get a win, even when the Chiefs are down, but if the Broncos can’t find a little defense to compliment that track team, they’ll struggle when the competition picks up.
  9. San Diego Chargers (10) – 2-2 – Forget about the multitude of injuries that the Chargers are dealing with already; this team may struggle to overcome Norv Turner all season long.
  10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (15) – 3-1 – Brian Griese is proving to be just adequate enough to keep the Bucs dangerous, if Galloway can get back healthy, it’d be a huge help.
  11. Philadelphia Eagles (4) – 2-2 – With the injury histories of Westbrook and McNabb, and the tough competition in their division, it’s just tough to get excited about the Eagles. Let’s see how they’re holding up around week 14 before we can make a real judgment.
  12. Baltimore Ravens (11) – 2-1 – The Ravens missed a big chance on Monday night, but are still very much in control of their own destiny, but here’s where the schedule begins to get tough.
  13. NY Jets (23) – 2-2 – I think it’s safe to say that Brett Favre is beginning to look comfortable in the Jets offense, I can’t wait to see what happens when he gets into the second half of the playbook.
  14. New Orleans Saints (17) – 2-2 – Even without the big names at the top, the Saints still have plenty of firepower through the air and on the ground, they’ll be dangerous when the defense can be mediocre at least.
  15. Green Bay Packers (8) – 2-2 – If Favre had stayed in Green Bay the streak would be over and he’d be looking at possibly getting to action this week, instead the Packers may be looking to groom another QB and the streak goes on in New York.
  16. Chicago Bears (20) – 2-2 – It’s hard to say whether Kyle Orton is getting better in Chicago’s offense, or if the team is getting better at picking him up. Either way, the Bears appear to be in the hunt in the NFC North.
  17. Jacksonville Jaguars (16) – 2-2 – The Jags appeared to be just moments away from being able to effectively write off their season on Sunday, but managed to fight back. The Jags though look to be in danger of getting lost in the AFC shuffle.
  18. Arizona Cardinals (13) – 2-2 – Staying 10 days on the east coast looks to have been a mistake, fortunately for Arizona, their division allows a decent margin for error.
  19. New England Patriots (21) – 2-1 – It’s not time to write New England out of the AFC East mix just yet, Brady’s injury just allows you to write everyone else in too.
  20. Indianapolis Colts (18) – 1-2 – You’ll be able to get a pretty good read on where the Colts are now that they’ve had the bye to get organized, both sides of the ball clearly need work.
  21. Minnesota Vikings (22) – 1-3 – Now we’ll get to see if Bryant McKinnie’s absence was as much of a difference maker as it looked. It’s still tough to put too much faith into Gus Frerrotte though.
  22. San Francisco 49ers (14) – 2-2 – Power is relative, although the Niners are probably worse than a lot of teams on this list, their chances of making the playoffs still appear exponentially better than most.
  23. Seattle Seahawks (25) – 1-2 – Just when the Seahawks had a little momentum, along comes the bye. What they really need are healthy wide receivers.
  24. Atlanta Falcons (19) – 2-2 – They’re clearly headed in the right direction, but the division schedule should wreak havoc on this young offense.
  25. Oakland Raiders (24) – 1-3 – Just in case the situation in Oakland wasn’t explosive enough already, now Al Davis is interviewing head coach Lane Kiffin’s assistants to possibly replace him. Team meetings should be even more interesting than usual from here on out.
  26. Miami Dolphins (26) – 1-2 – Ronnie Brown’s fantasy owners must have been chomping at the bit this week. It will be interesting to see how he and the Dolphins move forward after dismantling New England.
  27. Kansas City Chiefs (29) – 1-3 – It’s hard to believe that Sunday’s performance was anything more than a desperate team that typically plays well at home. They’ll have plenty more chances this season to prove me wrong.
  28. Detroit Lions (27) – 0-3 – Fantasy owners were missing the Lions this week too, the Lions defense to start their players against that is.
  29. Cleveland Browns (30) – 1-3 – It’s hard to imagine a team being more unimpressive in picking up a win than the Browns were on Sunday, but they’ll have 12 more games to try.
  30. Houston Texans (31) – 0-3 – The Texans missed on a big chance on Sunday, but displayed character in what’s already been a trying season. They’ll have some good games this season but that’s about all.
  31. Cincinnati Bengals (28) – 0-4 – As if things weren’t bad enough in Cinci, stay tuned to the condition of Carson Palmer, then again, just forget about the Bengals already.
  32. St. Louis Rams (32) – 0-4 – Maybe it’s time to add first overall draft choice to the list of benefits that the Rams new coach will enjoy.




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