NFL Power Rankings Week 6

October 07, 2008 | Thyrl Nelson

Here are the week 6 NFL Power Rankings. Again, there is no scientific formula or panel of expert consultants, just my opinion based on what we’ve seen so far this season. Last week’s ranking is in parenthesis.


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  1. New York Giants (1) – 4-0 – It’s tough to argue with their 4-0 start, and if a close one against Cincinnati had you doubting them, a huge win against Seattle should redeem them somewhat.
  2. Tennessee Titans (2) – 5-0 – The Titans appear to be the class of the AFC right now, and they appear to still have their best football in front of them too.
  3. Washington Redskins (4) – 4-1 – Chalk their week 1 performance up to growing pains and appreciate what Jim Zorn has been able to do with this offense.
  4. Dallas Cowboys (5) – 4-1 – The Cowboys look like they can play with anyone but the relative power of their division could be a major factor in their success.
  5. Denver Broncos (8) – 4-1 – Denver’s critics stepped up and answered critics this week. Granted, it was just the Bucs, but it’s something to build on.
  6. Pittsburgh Steelers (6) – 4-1 – The Steelers are doing a good job of dealing with injuries and doing just enough to win, they’ll be dangerous if they can get to the finish relatively healthy.
  7. Carolina Panthers (7) – The Panthers are a work in progress and seem to be finding a new weapon each week. They’re a tough bunch to game plan for.
  8. Buffalo Bills (3) – 4-1 – Maybe it was the cross-country trip that got to Trent Edwards and the Bills, we’ll see how they both rebound.
  9. Chicago Bears (16) – 3-2 – The Bears are gaining momentum and so is Kyle Orton, with the rest of the division struggling the Bears are trending in the right direction.
  10. New England Patriots (19) – 3-1 – What did you expect a Bellichick team to do with an extra week to prepare? It’s definitely too early to write these guys off just yet.
  11. New York Jets (13) – The landscape of the AFC East gets hazier by the day, the Jets are in as good a position as any in that division to walk away with a trip to the playoffs.
  12. Minnesota Vikings (21) – 2-3 – They’re a work in progress, but they’ve grown to at least adequate on offense. If the defense plays the way they’re expected to the Viking could rescue their season.
  13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10) – 3-2 – The Bucs have to be tickled with where they are given their QB situation, but they better get things figured out there in a hurry.
  14. Arizona Cardinals (18) – 3-2 – They picked up a huge win this week without Anquan Boldin this week against Buffalo and appear to easily be the best that the NFC West has to offer.
  15. Philadelphia Eagles (11) – 2-3 – In any other division the Eagles might be the odds on favorite, but Brian Westbrook is already banged up and you know the inevitable McNabb injury is likely soon to follow.
  16. Baltimore Ravens (12) – 2-2 – Maybe their record isn’t indicative of how they’ve played so far, but this better find a way to finish games.
  17. New Orleans Saints (14) – 2-3 – There may not be a more exciting team to watch in football at any level, from their dynamic offense and special teams to the creative ways they find to lose games, the Saints are worth the price of admission.
  18. Miami Dolphins (26) – 2-2 – They may not be for real, but the Dolphins just picked up 2 wins in what had to be the scariest part of their schedule at the beginning of the season. Keep an open mind when it comes to these Dolphins.
  19. Atlanta Falcons (24) – 3-2 – Easily the most surprising team of the season so far, let’s see how they hold up now that expectations are beginning to mount a bit.
  20. San Francisco 49ers (22) – 2-3 – They let one get away this week, but there’s room for error in the AFC West.
  21. Green Bay Packers (15) – 2-3 – This is why the Packers had no option to bring Brett Favre back as the backup, GM Ted Thompson may be assuming the role of most hated GM now that Matt Millen is out.
  22. Jacksonville Jaguars (17) – 2-3 – The Jags do a good job of looking like a competent team while continuing to give away games, they’re making their opponents look awfully good too.
  23. San Diego Chargers (9) – 2-3 – Something won’t allow me to write them off just yet, but Norv Turner is proving too much for the talent on this team to overcome.
  24. Indianapolis Colts (20) – 2-3 – The Colts have had a really tough time thus far against a basically mediocre schedule. The schedule remains mediocre from here out, but so might the Colts.
  25. Seattle Seahawks (23) – 1-3 – Everyone expected more from the Seahawks this year, but certainly you expected them to be ready for a match up with the World Champs after a bye. Maybe Mike Holmgren should step aside now and let Coach Mora start building for next year.
  26. Cleveland Browns (29) – 1-3 – The schedule won’t make things very easy on Cleveland from here on out, we’ll see if the bye was enough to get their offense together.
  27. Oakland Raiders (25) – 1-3 – We’ll see what type of difference the coaching change makes I suppose, I guess most would be curious what an ownership change might do.
  28. Houston Texans (30) – 0-4 – One thing’s for sure, there’s no quit in this team, unfortunately there may not be a lot of talent either.
  29. Kansas City Chiefs (27) – 1-4 – With the Chiefs upcoming schedule it looks like things might get a whole lot worse in KC before they begin to get better.
  30. Cincinnati Bengals (31) – 0-5 – The Bengals picked up some additional firepower this week with the additions of Chris Henry and Cedric Benson, insert your own punch line, I refuse, it’s just too easy.
  31. Detroit Lions (28) – 0-4 – As bad as the Lions have been, seemingly forever, at least they were dangerous on offense, without that there’s nearly nothing redeeming about this tram.
  32. St. Louis Rams (32) – 0-4 – Different coach, same result. Bigger changes will be needed in St. Louis to right that ship.