NFL Predictions

September 10, 2009 | Keith Melchior

Since tonight is the official start of the NFL regular season, here’s what I think will happen this year..

AFC- North

Baltimore 12-4,  Pittsburgh 11-5,  Cincinnati 7-9,  Cleveland 4-12… As Ric Flair said on numerous occasions, “to be the man you gotta beat the man”  Hopefully the Ravens won’t be losing 3 to Pittsburgh this season. I’ll take 1 win as long as it’s the one that counts on the 3rd week of January.

AFC – East

New England 13-3, Miami 9-7, NY Jets 7-9, Buffalo 5-11.. Four words…Brady’s back, easy schedule

AFC – South

Tennessee 10-6, Jacksonville 10-6, Indy 9-7, Houston 7-9.. A tough division. Colts take a step or two back because Manning can’t do it all by himself.

AFC – West

San Diego 12-4, Denver 7-9, Oakland 5-11, KC 3-13.. Matt Cassell is not a big time QB for the money the Chiefs donated to him. This is the weakest division in the AFC. San Diego should clinch by week 11.

NFC – North

Minnesota 10-6, Chicago 10-6, Green Bay 9-7, Detroit 3-13.. I see this race going down to the final 3 weeks.. The Vikings get the Ravens and Steelers back to back early in the season after what could be 5 easy games for them. The Bears get Pittsburgh early and Ravens late and the Packers get both teams in December.

NFC – East

NY Giants 13-3, Philadelphia 11-5, Dallas 8-8, Washington 7-9..  The Giants could very well be 7-0 going into Philly in week. There will be 2 head coaches in this division who will be fired. My guess is Phillips and Zorn. 

NFC – South

Atlanta 9-7, Carolina 9-7, New Orleans 9-7, Tampa Bay 3-13.. This division plays the AFC and NFC East and will beat each other up. Could come down to final week matchups as to who wins this division

NFC – West

Arizona 10-6, Seattle 9-7, St Louis 4-12, San Francisco 2-14…  Arizona is not going back to the Super Bowl. If Seattle finds their running game and Hasselbeck returns to the QB he was a few seasons ago, the Seahawks could win the division. Too close to call at this point. Even with Crabtree playing for the 49ers, their QB situation is a train wreck.


AFC Wild Card – San Diego over Jacksonville Tennessee over Pittsburgh

NFC Wild Card – Philadelphia over Seattle, Arizona over Carolina

AFC Divisionals – New England over Tennessee, Baltimore over San Diego

NFC Divisionals – NY Giants over Arizona, Minnesota over Philadelphia

AFC Title – Baltimore over New England

NFC Title – NY Giants over Minnesota

Super Bowl – Baltimore over NY Giants

 I think the Ravens will come out very hungry this season and be stronger than ever from December into January. Minnesota won’t upset the Giants but the Vikings run will make Childress look like a genius, but the local boys in purple will prevail in a Super Bowl XXXV rematch.