NFLPA Representative Jeff Saturday on NFL Network’s Total Access

March 30, 2011 | Brian Billick

If you missed NFL Total Access the last couple of nights you missed a great discussion between Rich Eisen and Jeff Saturday, center for the Indianapolis Colts and NFLPA representative.  If you did not hear it, I strongly recommend you download it as it was an excellent conversation.

I will be on Total Access today and tomorrow and am anxious to visit with Jeff, on air or off, about a couple of things.

First, as I have blogged before, what numbers is it that the NFLPA want and don’t already have?  They have the player contracts, coach contracts, ticket revenue, TV revenue, and within a narrow margin, each clubs basic operational costs.  I am unclear what numbers the NFLPA thinks they are yet to identify.

Secondly, if the owners are compelled to open their personal books, should the player be asked to do the same thing?  Does Peyton Manning, by way of example, need to share his DirecTV, and other endorsement monies with the league in that he is trading off of the NFL brand.

These are two pivotal questions that I look forward to Jeff addressing.