Nice crowd…good pitching…but a loss is a loss

April 11, 2007 | Drew Forrester

I just got back from the ballpark.  Left in the top of the 7th (gotta sleep sometime).  The press box wasn’t nearly as full as yesterday’s home opener…I even had a seat this time!  lol

Nice crowd tonight.  Chilly, 2nd game of the year, Tuesday night – that’s a recipe for 8,500 if there ever was one.  But I’m here to tell you it looked like 18,000 or so.  Haven’t heard the official number, but anything in the 18-20k range is a credible attendance figure based on what I observed.

Both starting pitchers looked sharp.  Let’s hope the Jaret Wright shoulder injury is nothing serious.

Millar’s fielding gaffe at 1st base that allowed the two runs in the 6th inning was definitely one he should have had.

It’s over…a 3-1 loss.  Only five Baltimore hits.  Can’t win many games like that, guys.  Another decent night of pitching though.  The Wright injury could make it more memorable than it should be…but the game came down to an error at first by Millar that proved to be the difference.

So PacMan Jones got the boot for the 2007 season?  Good.  I actually said last month they should sit him out for a year, so this news today really makes me feel good.  They should have made an example of Chris Henry as well and sat him on the sidelines for 2007.

We’re gonna have some fun tomorrow morning.  Any of you think you can guess games #2, #3 and #4 on the Ravens schedule?  We all know game #1 is Monday, September 10 at Cincinnati.  But can you guess the next three games in order?  I have a $100 gift certificate to Orchard Landing that says you can’t.  We’ll take phone calls and e-mails tomorrow throughout the show.  And don’t forget, the NFL schedule gets released tomorrow and you’ll learn the details first if you’re part of our WNST Text Service.

I need sleep…talk to you all in about 8 hours.