No more McNair news, please.

July 07, 2009 | Keith Melchior

With apologies to Titans and Ravens fans, I would like to say I don’t need to hear any more news surrounding the death of Steve McNair. He was in a questionable relationship with a woman 16 years younger, he was apparently still married at the time, he has 4 sons, and he’s been senselessly murdered because of one of the above.

He was a Raven for about 2 seasons and had to retire when his numerous injuries over the 13 years he played took their toll on his body. He led the Ravens to a 13-3 North Division title in 2006, but that was about all he did here in Baltimore.  He was more beloved in Nashville than he ever was around here, only because he played there and was a member of the community for 11 years, took them to the Super Bowl in 1999 and won an MVP in 2003.  He didn’t move to Baltimore and remain here after his retirement, he went back home to Tennessee.

It’s sad when something tragic like this happens to an athlete. There is speculation all over about what exactly happened in Nashville over the last week or so. He obviously was playing in the wrong yard and suffered the consequences for something that he was involved in. He was 36 and will definitely be missed by the players, teammates and coaches who knew him and worked alongside him. He was on the downhill side of his career when he came to Baltimore and helped the Ravens win the North Division title. Did he make a difference to the community while he was here? I don’t know. The next thing people will talk about and debate is whether or not he is a Hall of Famer. Who cares at this point?

The things I remember most about McNair happened while he was a Titan. He led them on a wild last minute drive after the Ravens took a 24-23 lead, only to watch an Al DelGreco FG attempt sail wide as time was running out in the Titans first loss in their new stadium in November of 2000. The other was when he got stuffed by Corey Harris just prior to the goal line on the final play in the MNF game in Nashville in 2001. He often played hurt and had a lot of guts and determination.

Now he’ll be probably be remembered as a former football player who practiced bad judgement when using alcohol, was in the wrong place at the wrong time, cheated on his wife, and was killed by a jealous or scorned 20 year old wacko lover. These reasons are why I don’t need to know anything other details from the July 4th weekend. No more, please.

RIP Steve McNair.  He’ll be missed in Nashville more than in Baltimore but it was nice having him here for a short period of time.