Nothing lucky about it — the kid QB in Indy is a stud

January 06, 2014 | Drew Forrester

Musings from a sports-filled weekend —

A friend of mine sent me a text on Friday morning and asked me to give him the winner of the PGA Tour event in Hawaii.  After quizzing him on why he didn’t text me the day before (Thursday is the traditional start day for a pro tournament, but they’re playing this one Friday through Monday), I quickly shot him back the name of the winner:  “Take Jordan Spieth” I texted.

Lots of people over the last decade and a half have wondered when the next young gun would come along to challenge the likes of Tiger Woods.  A lot of names have surfaced, some have completely fizzled, some have made some money, but none – make that NONE – have come close to being as good as Woods.  College golf hotshots come and go like the breeze.  These guys – among others – were going to be the guy to challenge Woods: Luke Donald (has as many major titles as you, me and your neighbor’s cat), Troy Matteson (who?), Ryan Moore (nice hat), Jamie Lovemark (still looking for a win) and Rickie Fowler (sharp dresser, can’t win a big one).

But wait…because someone HAS showed up — and he WILL challenge Woods and all of those big wigs on the PGA Tour.

His name is Jordan Spieth.

Win or lose today in Hawaii (he’s tied for the lead through 54 holes), he’s the one “kid” that’s come along who has staying power.  He’s an all-world putter, which means he can win on any given week.  He drives it like a maniac and stripes his irons. Once he spends an off-season or two learning some short game wizardy like Woods and Phil Mickelson, he’ll be the guy everyone tries to beat well into the next decade.

He’ll finish with more career major titles than Mickelson.

Oh, and I’m opening up my own Fantasy Golf tips business.  It’s $2.75 for a “regular event” and $6.50 for a major.


There’s nothing else new to say about Towson football that hasn’t been said already, either on Twitter, Facebook or here, at

Rob Ambrose has turned Towson football into a championship program, despite getting beat in the FCS title game on Saturday, 35-7.  That’s it.  His first two years, they won three games total.  Saturday in Frisco, Texas, they played for the national championship.


They’ll be back…and they’ll win one of those championships.


Two takes from Saturday night’s Caps loss in Minnesota.

Those sweaters the Wild wore were freaking sharp.  I need one of those.  Holy cow.

Next — the Caps aren’t very good.  They need some offense. Big time.  They CREATE chances.  Chances galore.  But they can’t finish them off.

They’ll make the playoffs, but don’t be saving up your money for a cross country trip to Anaheim for the Stanley Cup Finals.  Ain’t happenin’, Caps fans.


By the way, Martin Erat of the Caps has one goal in 48 games over two seasons for the Caps.

One goal.

If I had played in 48 games, even now at the tender age of 50, I’d have two goals.


Florida State gets a visit from the Cleat of Reality tonight in the national championship game.

Auburn 34 – Florida State 28


Gotta tip your hat to Andrew Luck for what he pulled off on Saturday in Indianapolis.

The kid’s a freakin’ big-time player.

Let’s see what he does on Saturday in New England against the genius coach up there.



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  1. Kolo Jezdec Says:

    I know folks from Baltimore don’t much like the Indy Colts, but you gotta tip your hat to a franchise that had a dozen years of Manning then seems to have it the QB lottery again with Luck. Of course, that Trent Richardson trade was a big swing and a miss…

    BTW, did A. Boldin miss the team flight to Green Bay this weekend?

  2. unitastoberry Says:

    I think Andy Reid gets a lot of kudos too for the win in Irsay land. What a pathetic display of conservative defense with a 3 td lead. It’s right up there with Ted Marchibroda in 1977 against the Oakland Raiders with a smaller lead in the 4th quarter and with Bert Jones handing the ball off to Lydell Mitchel to allow Oakland back into the game.

  3. The Armchair QB Says:

    No question, but he got more than an able assist from Andy Reid’s, Kansas City….EAGLES! Imagine a 28 point lead and complete disregard for pressuring the QB and……clock management! Some things just never change! Imagine, also, Joe Flacco surrounded by Andy Dalton’s talent! And, if you think surrounding talent is overestimated, look at the year Matt Ryan just had without his……….

  4. lakerboy Says:

    Come on Drew…Luck has a horseshoe on his helmet for a reason! And he certainly lives up to his surname. Yeah, Luck’s a smart and resourceful quarterback…but when the ball bounces into your arms on the three yard line, and you essentially turn the play into a quarterback draw for a touchdown, you’re living a charmed exisistence. (DF: LOL…sort of like the safety falling down on a Hail Mary pass with 30 seconds left in your season, right?)

  5. John in Westminster Says:

    Kudos to Luck, but he was facing an Andy Reid team in the playoffs. As you elude to, let’s see what he does against the varsity.

    I think the clear of reality finally catches up with a very lucky Auburn team who plays in a somewhat overrated, but still very good, SEC conference. FSU by 15.

  6. Dan Says:

    Thankfully The Colts didn’t end up with RG-ME ..but instead
    got Luck .

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