Nothing’s changed; the Steelers still OWN the Ravens ….

February 07, 2011 |

You can twist it – turn it – flip it – flop it – slice it – dice it – chop it – or crop it, but the undeniable truth is quite clear ….


Losing last night’s Super Bowl does not change a thing about this AFC-North rivalry.  Regardless of their loss, the Steelers remain the standard of the division and the NUMBER ONE dagger in the Ravens quest for another journey into “February Football.”

Ben Roethlisberger will remain the quarterback that crushes the opponent’s hopes and narrowest of leads, if he has a couple minutes and the football in his hands.

Troy Polamalu will continue to torment opposing quarterbacks with his innate ability to sniff out a play.

James Harrison will still find a path into the backfield and upon the carcass of anyone toting the pigskin.

Mike Tomlin will develop continued ways of winning big games.  In fact, last night’s loss may very well serve as an instrumental moment in making him a better head coach.

Don’t misunderstand the spirit of my message – I’m not suddenly awakening to some sort of distorted attraction to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  They’re still the enemy and I will continue to hope they lose each game on the schedule.  Such devotions will never, EVER change.

Yet, as we revel in their defeat, let’s not lose sight of the obvious; the Steelers still reign in the AFC-North and they absolutely remain the team to beat for the Ravens, Browns and Bengals.

So, enjoy this day, Baltimore.  Kick a little dirt on your co-workers and friends who root for Pittsburgh.  Have some fun at their expense …. they deserve it.

But, when tomorrow arrives, we must accept the very truth that stares each of us squarely in the eyes ….

The Ravens must find a way to start beating the Steelers.  They must start winning games against Ben Roethlisberger.  And, most of all, they must develop a way of doing it, in January.

Nothing else matters – especially, last night’s final score.