Number 8

March 05, 2008 |

There have been e-mails and comments made about ranking Brett Favre as number 8 in my “All Time” list.

One of the arguments that’s been made constantly is that Favre holds every record there is to hold.

Okay, he broke some of Dan Marino’s records, so does that mean Marino should be ranked number 2? It’s a list of personal opinion to spark conversation. It’s not an indictment on Brett Favre’s career.

Another argument that was raised was that it’s not fair to put quarterbacks in front of him because they won more championships. The question was asked about ranking those other quarterbacks so high if they hadn’t won titles?

That’s not a fair question. The championships are a part of the resume. That’s like asking me if it wasn’t for all of the World Series titles, would the New York Yankees still be the best baseball organization of all-time?