On Election Day eve, no one is “undecided” about the 15-7-0

November 05, 2012 | Glenn Clark

6. Barack Obama has a fair amount to be concerned with this week. His favorite football team however is not on that list.

The Bears beat the Titans on offense, defense, special teams and God knows where else. Brian Urlacher looked like he was still good…

There’s a lot going on here. Somehow it goes in the books as a Bears TD…

I picked the Titans. I’m an assh*le.

7. While you weren’t looking, Doug Martin scored like 70 more fantasy football points.

51 points in STANDARD leagues…


This game had EVERYTHING. Including fat guys running!

And nice fake punt here, losers.

But because it was the only Maryland-related highlight of value from this weekend, I’ll show you Darrius Heyward-Bey’s impressive one-handed grab as well…

8. No one thinks Notre Dame is the best team in the country, but you can’t help but tip your hat to them for how they keep on winning.

Irish players were pretty excited to survive Pitt in 3OT (after it appeared they would be skull-dragged early in the fourth quarter)…

9. So at this point we’ve all accepted that Ohio State is going to finish the season undefeated, right?

Just Wisconsin and Michigan left for the team that THRASHED Illinois Saturday…


Elsewhere in the B1G, Michigan State’s Johnny Adams is a FINE actor…


10. In case you forgot, the Seattle Seahawks have the best homefield advantage in the NFL.

Lordy be…did Golden Tate REALLY do this?

Did Sidney Rice really do THIS?

Did Greg Scruggs HAVE to do this?

And did THIS really happen at all?

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