On Election Day eve, no one is “undecided” about the 15-7-0

November 05, 2012 | Glenn Clark

11. How in the world does Navy have more good 6’4″ receivers than the Ravens?

Navy has one. His name in Brandon Turner. He caught two TD’s to help the Mids top Florida Atlantic and get bowl eligible again. The Ravens have none.

The Ravens also don’t have these AWESOME motivational videos. At least that I know of…

12. That was some big boy stuff from Delaware, but big boy-ier stuff from Towson in response.

The Tigers kept their FCS playoff hopes alive with a big win over the Blue Hens…

You know, since I don’t know where else I’m going to squeeze it in-I’ll just go ahead and do it here. Of Monsters And Men might be the most underrated band of 2012…

13. I wonder if Texans fans will spend the week bitching that their team “wasn’t impressive enough”.

They certainly would if they were in Baltimore. Question-what was Owen Daniels doing after catching a touchdown pass?

14. The Washington Redskins loss is good news in general (unless of course you’re the President).

The Panthers finally got a win and the Skins stink again. All is right with the world. It looked like a lot of fun for Steve Smith…

Wanna see Logan Paulsen flip a football off an official’s face?

I saw a lot of people talking about the Skins’ throwback uniforms. I’d tell you how I felt, but they’re the Washington Redskins so they’re completely f*cking irrelevant.

Well-other than this whole thing where because the Redskins lost, apparently Mitt Romney will win the presidency. It’s in the bible, people.

15. I would make sure “Teddy Bridgewater” is a name you’re familiar with.

324 yards, five TD’s for Louisville in a win over Temple. Louisville remains undefeated on the season. Yep.

Elsewhere in the BIG EAST, the Cincinnati Tebows!

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