On Halloween weekend, perhaps it’s fitting to have a schedule-gate horror sequel

November 02, 2013 | Glenn Clark

And now Saturday we received the latest sequel to Schedule-Gate, one that further proves this issue is both going nowhere and is still not being addressed with the best interests of the city (or the city’s taxpayers) in mind.

Inside Lacrosse reported Saturday that the Baltimore Ravens (and more importantly the city of Baltimore) did not put in a bid to host any of the NCAA Lacrosse Final Four events from 2015-2018. The finalists for all four events are Philadelphia, Foxborough and Chicago’s Soldier Field-a venue that has never before hosted the event.

The Ravens’ decision not to bid comes not long after state officials said publicly they had hoped to make the city a “semi-permanent” host for the event-a sentiment echoed by many in the community. Instead, after the 2014 Final Four-the event will not return until at least 2019.

Among the reasons the Ravens (and the city) ultimately decided not to put in a bid? Here’s what Ravens special events manager and special assistant to the President Lisa Dixon told IL.

As numerous outlets reported in the Spring, asking the Orioles and Ravens to simply work together right now is not really an option. The scars from the Ravens’ split with the Orioles’ owned network MASN remain for both parties. Asking Major League Baseball and the National Football League to simply work together is not really an option either. There was pettiness shown by both sides during the earlier “Schedule-gate” fiasco, hurt feelings dating back to the NFL’s decision to start putting games opposite MLB’s World Series and even more.

The sides aren’t just going to work things out because we want them to-or even because they’re supposed to. That’s not how these types of things work (See: Congress, United States of America). Because of that, the Orioles will simply continue to get the opportunity to claim whatever dates they want for their games, knowing they have the power to not only refuse to change dates-but to move scheduled events out if they so desire.

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