On Twitter’s 5th birthday; the 5 sports personalities who would’ve made it even better

March 22, 2011 |


2) Bill Veeck – The ultimate marketing mastermind as anything but a Twitter devotee? Veeck might’ve found a way to make Twitter more sophisticated than it is today; at least he would’ve used the social media platform to sell his gimmicks, and ultimately seats at his ballparks.

Can you imagine the potential Bill Veeck would’ve likely unlocked, given his innate ability to peddle the incidental, but interesting sideshows for baseball fans? We’re talking about a man who signed a midget and actually sent him to the plate !!!!

Would Bill Veeck accept technological advances? He created them. You can credit this zany owner for scoreboard sound effects and fireworks following homeruns. Was he a marketer? Who do you think came up with the idea of putting player’s last names on the back of jerseys.

I think it’s safe to say Bill Veeck might have created Twitter, or “Veeter”, if the internet existed in his day. He certainly wouldn’t ignore such opportunities, and you can bet on that.

1) Muhammad Ali – The greatest self-promoter ever known to the sports universe would’ve probably used every modern tool of exposure to further his image and promote the one thing he loved more than anything – HIMSELF. Well, that was the act, anyway.

Ali loved to get in the collective hearts of the viewing masses, while also getting into the heads of respective opponents. The man would’ve had MILLIONS and MILLIONS of followers on Twitter. Love him or hate him, fans would’ve followed just to see what he was saying about the next guy he was fighting.

When I was ten years old, Ali fought Earnie Shavers – who sported a shiny, cleanly shaven skull. I distinctly recall Ali proclaiming “I want the MILK DUD” whenever he promoted the upcoming bout. I can sit here and envision such rants, in 140 words or less, on a daily basis.

When I think of Muhammad Ali and Twitter, I think of a man who would’ve used social media to truly help in beating his opponent. Have we ever witnessed such potential? He found an edge before ever stepping in the ring, and that was part of his magic.

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