O’s, Motley Crue, Barry Sims, Lex Luger and ultimate matchup

June 24, 2008 |

Here are a couple of things before going in to work at the station:
          If you are an Orioles fan, here is a recommendation for you. Make sure that you tune into the Bob Haynie show to hear some news as it relates to the Orioles. That is all I am going to say about it. Not only will Tony Pente from Orioleshangout be joining Bob as well as Marc Carig from Washington Post to talk O’s, but there will be a surprise thrown in there also.
          Had a chance to listen to the new Motley Crue cd this morning. I am not sure what to make of it yet. While it is not Dr Feelgood type Motley Crue, it is better than Generation Swine . I am thinking about going to check out the Crue concert when they come to Nissian next month. They are a band that I have always wanted to see play live and not had the chance to. Have seen Vince Neil a couple of times with Ray Bachman and have some pretty funny stories from those concerts.
          Anyone know of a good tattoo parlor in Baltimore ?
          Barry Sims signing with the San Fransico 49ers is not a huge surprise to me. Although he would have competed for the tackle position for the Ravens, and put some pressure on a guy like Jared Gaither, I do not think the Ravens are in any worse shape without him. I still think that some veteran will be out there that the Ravens can bring into camp and look at.
          For old school wrestling fans, here is a very interesting story about Lex Luger. It is very interesting to read about his story and where he is now.
          Here is one of the funniest and odd baseball moments I have ever seen. Here is the video of when a switch hitter faces a switch pitcher. It is pretty entertaining to watch and how it all plays out.