Dennis Koulatsos: Raiders “followed the money” to Vegas

March 29, 2017 | WNST Staff

Our good friend and partner Dennis Koulatsos, General Manager of Koons Ford of Security Blvd and host of the Sunday Sports Voice, hopped on with Nestor to discuss a myriad of topics, specifically the Raiders decision to officially move the franchise to Las Vegas. Dennis has lots of business experience and he provides a unique […]


Brent Sobleski: Ravens will target pass rusher or corner at #16

March 29, 2017 | WNST Staff

Brent Sobieski of Bleacher Report checked in with Nestor this week to catch up on NFL free agency as the owners meetings are underway in Arizona. The draft is also just over a month away and Brent gives his thoughts on who the Ravens will pick with their #16 pick. To hear Brent’s full conversation with […]


Brian Billick: Brandon Williams signing “under the radar” in Baltimore

March 15, 2017 | WNST Staff

Our resident WNST coach Brian Billick joined Nestor to recap the NFL Combine as well as the first week of NFL free agency. What does he think about the Ravens’ decision to keep Brandon Williams and their acquisitions of Tony Jefferson and Danny Woodhead? What are his thoughts on the dysfunction down I-95 with the Redskins? To […]


John Eisenberg: Woodhead signing not a reaction to Dixon suspension

March 15, 2017 | WNST Staff

Legendary Baltimore sports journalist John Eisenberg checked in with Nestor this week to recap the first week of free agency for the Ravens as they have been much more active than usual. Why is John so high on the Tony Jefferson signing? Is he more skeptical than most on Danny Woodhead’s potential with the Ravens? Would […]


Jim Chairusmi: Brandon Marshall took less money to stay in NY with Giants

March 15, 2017 | WNST Staff

Jim Chairusmi caught up with Nestor to talk all things NFL with Nestor. Jim covers the Jets and Giants specifically and he shared his thoughts on Brandon Marshall switching locker rooms at MetLife Stadium. Why did he take less money to sign with the Giants? Does Jim think he will be a distraction for Ben McAdoo […]


Dennis Koulatsos: Wonderful that Ravens kept Brandon Williams

March 15, 2017 | WNST Staff

Dennis Koulatsos, General Manager of Koons Ford of Security Blvd and host of the Sunday Sports Voice, checked in with Nestor this week and they hit on a variety of topics. Is Dennis satisfied with the Ravens’ free agency decisions thus far? What are his thoughts on the NFL Combine and how much stock teams put into […]


Chris Burke: NFL Combine becoming more and more of a show

March 09, 2017 | WNST Staff

Chris Burke of Sports Illustrated joined Nestor this week to recap the NFL Combine and look ahead to the start of NFL free agency. How has the combine changed over the years? What was different this year in Indy? What are Chris’ thoughts on the big NFL free agency storylines? To hear Chris Burke’s full chat […]


Luke Jones: Danny Woodhead is prototypical 3rd down back for Ravens

March 09, 2017 | WNST Staff

Our resident Ravens rockstar Luke Jones joined Nestor to discuss the comings and goings for the Ravens as 2017 free agency is underway. So far, the Ravens have agreed to sign safety Tony Jefferson and RB Danny Woodhead as they’ve lost some big pieces in Rick Wagner and Kyle Juszczyk. Luke gives his thoughts on all of […]


Gary Baxter reminisces about his whacky free agency story

March 09, 2017 | WNST Staff

Former Ravens corner Gary Baxter joined Nestor this week as NFL free agency is underway. We’ve had our fair share of crazy free agency stories here in Baltimore, including Rex Ryan and Mike Pettine being chased by Bart Scott’s dog as they tried to snatch him away from the Ravens. But Gary Baxter’s story certainly holds […]


Phil Savage: Desperate teams do desperate things in NFL Draft

March 09, 2017 | WNST Staff

Our old friend Phil Savage hopped on with Nestor this week and, as usual, they touched on a wide range of topics. Now that the NFL Combine in Indianapolis has ended, all focus goes towards free agency and the draft. Which players made a name for themselves at the combine? Which players are rising and falling on […]