Pick ‘em Thursday – King of Picks Challenge!!

September 25, 2008 |

Pick ‘em Thursday – King of Picks Challenge!!

So I have decided that it would be a lot of fun if on Thursdays I post my picks for the coming weekend in the NFL. Now the picks will not be based on anyone’s line, but instead just who is going to win and lose…that simple. I also thought it would be fun if you the reader of this blog would post your picks in the comments section. No award will be given for who wins each week, because I don’t think I can give something away…sorry…but the winner will be recognized in the following Pick ‘em post and at the end there will be a King of Picks for 2008. So basically this is all about bragging rights and stuff. I am not included in this to take away any kind of bias score keeping. Below are the rules for the Pick ‘em game and my picks for Week 4. The game of the week is a game of my choosing that I think is one of the more difficult games to choose correctly. I hope you ladies and gents enjoy!

Rules: The person with the most points at the end of each week’s games wins. You must choose the winning team for each game of the particular week you are playing. The winner you choose must be written next to the given game. A win is determined only by who wins the game, not by the spread. Each win you choose correctly is worth one point except that there will be a “game of the week” chosen for each week of play which will be identified. If you choose the correct winning team for the “game of the week” you will receive two points instead of the usual one. For Monday Night Football games you must also state your guess for the final score. If you choose the correct winner it still be worth one point, however, if there is a tie for that week, the final score will be the tie breaker. The difference will be taken of your final score for each team from the real score. These numbers will then be added together and whoever has the lowest wins the tie breaker. If there is still a tie after this, then a Thunderdome Death Match will take place between all of the persons who tie…okay so maybe not that…so if there is still a tie after the tiebreaker then oh well you tie (I’m not getting any more complicated than what it is already). King of Picks will be determined by who won the most weeks at the end of the season. If there is a tie with that, then the differences made for each Monday Night game for whoever tied will be added up and the person with the lowest number wins.  The latest you can post an entry is a half hour before the first game of that week. If you do not follow the rules provided, your predictions will not be counted. Right below is an example of what to do for Monday Night games and how it works:

NY Jets at SD Chargers – NY Jets 21 SD Chargers 38

So the actual score was NY Jets 29 SD Chargers 48 – So we add the two differences up, 7 + 10, so the number for that guess is 17. If that was the lowest number of those guessed in the tiebreaker, that person wins.

I know that the comment section right now shows a br with brackets around it when you press enter, so below my picks is the list of games for the week which you can copy and paste into your comment which may make your picks easier to follow.

My Week 4 Picks – Game of the Week (GTW) is MIN @ TEN

ATL @ CAR – Carolina Panthers

John Fox rallies his troops and Delhomme/Smith match up gets back into the groove

CLE @ CIN – Cincinnati Bengals

Both of these teams blow, but the only real respectable guy on the Bengals offense, Carson Palmer, leads his team to its first win

HOU @ JAC – Jacksonville Jaguars

Taylor and Jones-Drew run all over Houston allowing Gerard to finally get that passing attack going in the right direction

DEN @ KC – Denver Broncos

Poor Kansas City…are they this year’s Miami Dolphins?

SF @ NO – New Orleans Saints

Should be a good game, but the Saints desperately need a win to stay anywhere close to the Falcons

ARI @ NYJ – Arizona Cardinals

Jets are beat up with Jenkins hurting and Favre limping while Kurt Warner is still steaming after last weeks lost to Washington. I see the Cardinals playing focused football and Boldin/Fitzgerald lighting up New York’s secondary

GB @ TB – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Battle of the Bays will be a close one but Tampa’s defense is gives them the win.

MIN @ TEN (GTW) – Tennessee Titans

Two big physical football teams where the deciding factor will be which team wins in the trenches. Whose front 5 or 7 is more physical and beats up more on the opposing side. Because of that, I’m going with Jeff Fisher’s team.

SD @ OAK – San Diego Chargers

Norv Turner will have Rivers resting on the sidelines and Billy Volek behind center by the start of the 4th quarter in this rout of a football game.

BUF @ STL – Buffalo Bills

The St. Louis Rams…need I say more?

WAS @ DAL – Dallas Cowboys

Jason Campbell will finally be playing against another real defense like he did in week 1 against the Giants as the Cowboys defense dominates the Redskins front and constantly harasses Campbell and holds Portis in check. Also, that Cowboys offense has too much firepower and without Jason Taylor, not much is going to get by that Cowboys offensive line.

PHI @ CHI – Philadelphia Eagles

A much needed win for the Bears will create a close game but the Eagles win due to their rejuvenated defense and the arm of McNabb.

BAL @ PIT – Baltimore Ravens – 23 Pittsburgh Steelers – 14

Big Ben falls faster than the DOW Jones Industrial as the Ravens’ defense blitzes and confuses that offensive line the same way Philadelphia did a week before. The Ravens get their running game going with Casey Hampton being out which opens up the passing game for Cam Cameron and Flacco. While Ray Lewis and company properly introduce Rashard Mendenhall to what it is like trying to run against the Ravens’ defense. He’ll be in a Purple Haze after the game…

For Your Picks:














Good luck!!