Playing With House Money – NFL Week 3

September 21, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson

Let there be no further doubts that the MobTown Sports Beat “House Money” picks are not and inducement to gamble and should in fact serve as quite the opposite. Week 2 was not kind to me, but I’m back for week 3 nonetheless looking to dust myself off and get back to respectability.

Here are my week 3 picks against the spread with five “5-star locks” included. As always we’re staying true to the game and taking 100 points per win while deducting 110 points per loss.


Week 2 Results – 4-10-2 ( -700 pts)

Year to Date – 12-17-2 (-670 pts)


Week 2 “5-Star Locks” – 2-2-1 (-20 pts)

Year to Date “5-Star Locks” – 3-6-1 (-360 pts)


Week 3 Thursday Night Game – 1-0 (+100)



Sunday Early Games



Rams +7.5 @ Bears (+/- 43)

Jay Cutler and the Bears have some answering to do and the Rams might provide them the means to do it.


Buccaneers +8 @ Cowboys (+/- 46)

The Bucs play until the final whistle; but will they be able to keep up with a motivated Cowboys team?


***** 49ers -7 @ Vikings (+/- 43) ***** 5-Star Lock

The Niners are looking like the best team in football, expect that to continue this week.


Lions -3.5 @ Titans (+/- 46.5)

The Titans still look to be finding their way on offense and the Lions aren’t a good candidate to help them find it.


***** Bengals +3 @ Redskins (+/- 49) ***** 5-Star Lock

The Redskins are playing very well, but the Bengals with points are tough to refuse.


Jets -2.5 @ Dolphins (+/- 41.5)

The Jets usually play their best games when everyone seems ready to write them off.


Chiefs +8.5 @ Saints (+/- 53)

The Saints have to be getting pretty close to desperation mode.


Bills -3 @ Browns (+/- 44.5)

The Browns have been impressive so far despite no wins to show for it.


Jaguars +3 @ Colts (+/- 43)

The Andrew Luck era got a boost last week, it should continue vs. Jacksonville.



Sunday Late Games


Eagles -3.5 @ Cardinals (+/- 42)

It’s the Kevin Kolb Bowl, against a pair of the league’s best corners.


Falcons +3 @ Chargers (+/- 47.5)

Traveling across the country on a short week is no easy task.


***** Texans -2 @ Broncos (+/- 45) ***** 5-Star Lock

The Texans had Peyton Manning pretty well figured out his last few seasons in Indy.


Steelers -4 @ Raiders (+/- 45)

The Raiders have to be feeling a bit desperate too; but are they good enough for that to make a difference?



Sunday Night Game


***** Patriots +3 @ Ravens (+/- 49) ***** 5-Star Lock

The Ravens at home are a completely different animal than the Ravens on the road.



Monday Night Game


***** Packers -3.5 @ Seahawks (+/- 47) ***** 5-Star Locks

The Packers got their mojo back last week, and some defensive prowess to boot.