Playing With House Money – NFL Week 3

September 21, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson

Playing With House Money – NFL Week 3

Let there be no further doubts that the MobTown Sports Beat “House Money” picks are not and inducement to gamble and should in fact serve as quite the opposite. Week 2 was not kind to me, but I’m back for week 3 nonetheless looking to dust myself off and get back to respectability.

Here are my week 3 picks against the spread with five “5-star locks” included. As always we’re staying true to the game and taking 100 points per win while deducting 110 points per loss.


Week 2 Results – 4-10-2 ( -700 pts)

Year to Date – 12-17-2 (-670 pts)


Week 2 “5-Star Locks” – 2-2-1 (-20 pts)

Year to Date “5-Star Locks” – 3-6-1 (-360 pts)


Week 3 Thursday Night Game – 1-0 (+100)



Sunday Early Games



Rams +7.5 @ Bears (+/- 43)

Jay Cutler and the Bears have some answering to do and the Rams might provide them the means to do it.


Buccaneers +8 @ Cowboys (+/- 46)

The Bucs play until the final whistle; but will they be able to keep up with a motivated Cowboys team?


***** 49ers -7 @ Vikings (+/- 43) ***** 5-Star Lock

The Niners are looking like the best team in football, expect that to continue this week.


Lions -3.5 @ Titans (+/- 46.5)

The Titans still look to be finding their way on offense and the Lions aren’t a good candidate to help them find it.


***** Bengals +3 @ Redskins (+/- 49) ***** 5-Star Lock

The Redskins are playing very well, but the Bengals with points are tough to refuse.


Jets -2.5 @ Dolphins (+/- 41.5)

The Jets usually play their best games when everyone seems ready to write them off.


Chiefs +8.5 @ Saints (+/- 53)

The Saints have to be getting pretty close to desperation mode.


Bills -3 @ Browns (+/- 44.5)

The Browns have been impressive so far despite no wins to show for it.


Jaguars +3 @ Colts (+/- 43)

The Andrew Luck era got a boost last week, it should continue vs. Jacksonville.



Sunday Late Games


Eagles -3.5 @ Cardinals (+/- 42)

It’s the Kevin Kolb Bowl, against a pair of the league’s best corners.


Falcons +3 @ Chargers (+/- 47.5)

Traveling across the country on a short week is no easy task.


***** Texans -2 @ Broncos (+/- 45) ***** 5-Star Lock

The Texans had Peyton Manning pretty well figured out his last few seasons in Indy.


Steelers -4 @ Raiders (+/- 45)

The Raiders have to be feeling a bit desperate too; but are they good enough for that to make a difference?



Sunday Night Game


***** Patriots +3 @ Ravens (+/- 49) ***** 5-Star Lock

The Ravens at home are a completely different animal than the Ravens on the road.



Monday Night Game


***** Packers -3.5 @ Seahawks (+/- 47) ***** 5-Star Locks

The Packers got their mojo back last week, and some defensive prowess to boot.





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