Playing With House Money – NFL Week 3

September 21, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson

Here are the spreads associated with every NFL game remaining this week along with my picks. I’ll also pick 5 “5-star locks” each week and we’ll keep track of those separately too.We’re staying true to the game claiming 100 pts for wins and taking 110 pts hits on losses.

Remember, as always, this is not an inducement to gamble it should instead serve as the exact opposite of an inducement to gamble based on my record.


Week 1 Results: 8-7 (+30 pts)

Week 1 Five Star Lock Picks 1-4 (-340 pts)

Week 2 Thursday Night 0-1 (-110 pts)

Season Total 8-8 (-80 pts)


Sunday Early Games


***** Buccaneers +7 @ Giants (+/- 44)***** 5-Star Lock

Hosting didn’t help the Giants last week against the Cowboys, but I’m betting on a bounce back in Week 2 a la Green Bay on Thursday.


Cardinals +14 @ Patriots (+/- 48)

There’s a reason the Cardinals didn’t want to play Kevin Kolb despite paying him, and the Patriots defense looked pretty impressive last week.


Vikings -1.5 @ Colts (+/- 44.5)

I’m not reading too much into the Vikings big win last week but the Colts are pretty bad.


***** Saints -3 @ Panthers (+/- 51) ***** 5-Star Lock

The Saints were embarrassed last week at the hands of the Redskins, I’m betting they won’t let it happen again.


Chiefs +3 @ Bills (+/- 45)

Both teams looked pretty bad in Week 1 but the Chiefs at least did it against a good team.


***** Ravens +2 @ Eagles (+/- 46.5) ***** 5-Star Lock

The Ravens are coming off a short week and traveling, but still look to be better than the Eagles based on last week.


***** Raiders @ Dolphins (+/-39.5) ***** 5- Star Lock

Like the Ravens the Raiders are looking at travel (in this case coast-to-coast) plus a short week, like the Ravens too I’ll take them anyway.


Browns +7 @ Bengals (+/- 38.5)

I’m guessing that the Browns aren’t as good as they looked in week 1 and that the Bengals aren’t as bad as they looked.


Texans -7 @ Jaguars (+/- 41.5)

The Texans look like one of the best teams in the AFC…the Jags don’t.


Sunday Late Games


Cowboys -3 @ Seahawks (+/- 41.5)

The Cowboys probably won’t be as dominant all season as they looked in the opener but they still look worlds better than the Seahawks.


Redskins -3.5 @ Rams (+/- 44)

Both teams looked better than expected last week, we’ll ride the RGIII train for now.


Jets +5.5 @ Steelers (+/- 41.5)

Maybe the toughest game on the slate to pick outright…I’ll take the points.


Titans +6 @ Chargers (+/- 43)

The Chargers might be feeling urgent this season and the Titans offense was non-existent vs. the Patriots.


Sunday Night


***** Lions +7 @ 49ers (+/- 46) ***** 5-Star Lock

The Niners looked great at Green Bay last week while the Lions looked awful pulling off the win vs. the Rams. I’m looking forward to the post-game handshake of course.


Monday Night


Broncos +3 @ Falcons (+/- 51.5)

Peyton Manning didn’t look like he lost a beat last week, until he does he’s tough to go against…especially when getting points.