Prediction time

September 05, 2008 | Keith Melchior

First of all, I’d like to welcome Brian Billick and Joe Flacco to the WNST blogging family..It’ll be fun reading their inside views on the NFL.

OK…If the so-called professionals and talking heads can do it, then so can we, right?  Here are my predictions:

AFC North… Pittsburgh 11-5, Cleveland 7-9,  Baltimore 6-10, Cincinnati 4-12,  Note: Marvin Lewis and Romeo Crennel get fired

AFC East… N Eng 13-3, NY Jets 10-6, Buffalo 8-8, Miami 3-13,   Note: Favre throws for 25 TDs

AFC South…Indy 11-5, Tennessee 10-6, Jacksonville 8-8, Houston 7-9  Note: Jack DelRio gets fired, Tony Dungy retires

AFC West…. San Diego 12-4, Denver 9-7, KC 6-10, Oakland 5-11  Note: Herman Edwards gets fired

NFC North… Minnesota 11-5, Chicago 10-6, Detroit 6-10, Green Bay 4-12  Note: Mike McCarthy gets fired, Matt Millen gets fired.

NFC East… Dallas 11-5, Giants 10-6, Philly 7-9, Washington 3-13.. Note: Andy Reid gets fired..Daniel Snyder sells the Redskins

NFC South… Tampa Bay 10-6, New Orleans 9-7,  Carolina 8-8, Atlanta 3-13  Note: John Fox gets fired

NFC West… Seattle 11-5, Arizona 9-7, S Fran 6-10, St Louis 5-11  Note: Mike Holmgren retires, Mike Nolan gets fired

There you have it…..if I am 1/3 correct I’ll be happy..  Have a great, healthy, accident free, prosperous NFL season everyone!!