Quinn’s Suspension Makes for Tricky Evaluation

March 14, 2011 | Brian Billick

Robert Quinn is another defensive end that is drawing a lot of attention as the potential #1 overall draft pick.  When watching Quinn, one thing stands out more than anything else…his ability to use his hip flexion, dip under, and turn the corner when rushing the passer.  Often time, lineman struggle to even get a hand on him, let alone an adequate punch.  To make him an elite pass rusher in the NFL, he will want to develop an array of moves, rather than just rely purely on his speed rush technique.  Even Dwight Freeney can’t use his patented spin move on every single play!

Quinn is different than Bowers in the fact that he is a pure pass rusher that struggles to hold up against the run.  Because of that, NFL teams may have an opportunity to scheme against him and run to his side of the field – taking advantage of the running lanes he creates by rushing hard outside.

Keep in mind that all of this observation comes from his Sophomore year!  Having been suspended his entire Jr. year for receiving travel accommodations and jewelry, makes him a very tricky evaluation.

He reported to the combine at 6’4 265 lbs, ran a 4.7, completed 22 bench press repetitions, jumped a 34″ vertical and a 9’8″ broad jump – these are the only numbers we have to evaluate him on in more than a year.  With that said, I see him going in the top 10, but not before Bowers, Dareus, and Fairley.  When a team does select him, they will get an impressive young athlete who very easily could mature into an elite NFL player.