Random Sunday evening thoughts

April 14, 2008 |

Here are some thoughts from the weekend:
  • The Orioles bullpen let them down a couple of times this road trip. It is hard to stay competitive when you go 2-4 on a road trip. This is the same bullpen that one of the veterans was verbally attacking a member of the media last week.
  • This week will be a tall task for the Orioles at home with the Blue Jays, White Sox, and Yankees coming to town, enjoy first place while it last.
  • If you do not have the baseball package on Comcast you need to call them and get it. I enjoy watching baseball and have followed the Diamondbacks this year as I think they have a very good chance of making the World Series. One of the other reasons I enjoy the D-Back game is because Mark Grace calls the games for them and he is absolutely a joy to listen to. He is a guy that you can tell is just having fun and enjoys the game; he does not have to tell a personal story about every single pitch during the game.
  • Speaking of Mark Grace, he is eligible for the baseball Hall of Fame this year. I am partial because he was my baseball idol growing up, but look at these numbers and tell me he is not a serious candidate for the Hall of Fame. He has the most hits of the 90’s and doubles of the 90’s. I think because of all the problems and questions that have become of the “Steroid Era” that will greatly help the chances of a guy like Grace getting in.
  • While spending my usual hour a day on myspace, I came across a video of Art Donovan on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. I have always enjoyed the couple of times that I have gotten to speak with Art Donovan, he is a guy that always makes you laugh and have a smile on your face.
  • I will not link to it, but there is a video making its rounds on the internet of a comment David Cone made during the Yankees vs Royals game. Just search youtube for David Cone, and I am pretty sure you will find it.
  • There have been some amazing dunks in basketball, but I saw a video of this dunk and can honestly say I have never seen it before.
  • This week draft talk will pick up as the Ravens have their pre draft luncheon this week. You can usually get some tidbits of information, but don’t hold your breathe if you are expecting Ozzie Newsome to come out and say who they are drafting.
  • What number do you think Matt Ryan will take?
  • Ravens also will have a camp the end of this week as they start to prepare for the upcoming season.
  • Back with more tomorrow and this week as the Orioles are at home all week, the Ravens draft luncheon, Ravens practice, and most important, my son’s first t-ball practice.
  • Real quick, congratulation to my friend Brian and all of the guys and girl, who competed this week in the Renzo Gracie Invitational up in New York. I know Brian took home 1st place in his division, I guess it is all those days of roughing me up paying off for him. I think this speaks volumes for the type of competitors that John Rallo and his instructors turn out over at Ground Control.