Random Thoughts

March 12, 2008 |

Here are some just random thoughts on things in the world of sports:
          Today on the Bob Haynie Show, he set the over/under win total for Daniel Cabrera at 11. I will take the under. I honestly believe his best days (if there were any) are far past him. Daniel is a nice guy, but I think he got influenced and took some, not so good advice from guys over the last couple of years. Daniel to me seems to think of himself as a better pitcher than what he is….or ever will be
          To further that I think only one Orioles pitcher will reach 11 or more wins. I am not sure who it will be, but I don’t think that there will be more than one, and no I don’t think it will be Jeremy Guthrie. Maybe it is Steve Trachsel, if he is here long enough to make it to 10-11 wins.
          I still say barring Matt Ryan being there at the number eight position, which several people are starting to think he will be, the Ravens are going defense in the first round. I think Talib from Kansas would be a solid pick, as would Gholston(Ohio State), maybe a Merling ( Clemson), or Rivers(USC). Brandon Flowers could be a wild card thrown in there also. I still say that Joe Flacco or Brian Brohm will not be hearing the Ravens calling their name at the number eight spot in the draft ( EDIT: I know Chris is now going to send me five emails about articles saying that Brian Brohm is the sleeper in the draft….sorry I am not sold on him).
          I see my old good friend Erik “The Great” Bedard is still up to his old tricks. I have not and did not like Erik and the way he treated the media from day one. The guy is a very good pitcher and for most fans how he treats the media is ill relevant, but it is interesting to see the Seattle media is already having his lunch and they are not even out of spring training yet. I can honestly say he is one of the most difficult people I have dealt with in the media and probably always will be.
          Make sure you check out the MMA segment with Rob Long and John Rallo this Thursday from 2:30 -3 pm, as the will have Sam Sheridan who is the author of the book A Fighter’s Heart. Sam took a very interesting angle at talking about the world of mixed martial arts, including traveling the world to learn different styles. Also on the show tomorrow will be Kenny “KenFlo” Florian who will be on to talk about his upcoming main event fight on Spike TV for UFC Fight Night on April 2. With a win on April 2nd against Joe Lauzon, Kenny will be lining himself up for a title shot in the near future.
          Since Nestor mentioned Van Halen the other day in his blog, I will say that if you are a fan of KISS, you need to check out the DVD series that came out KISSology. Right now there are three volumes of DVD’s ( KISSology 1,2,&3), and they each have three DVD’s with some pretty amazing stuff on them. From concerts in foreign countries, to KISS movies, to first show without makeup, to KISS Unplugged and everything in between.