Random Thoughts Before Chicken Box Friday

December 18, 2008 |

1. Teixiera: Would I like him to come here…sure…will he make the O’s better…think so, will he make them into a playoff team instantly…NO WAY. If the O’s offered 7 years at $150 million…this is from Buster Olney’s Column:

“The only way the Orioles can be considered a serious player for Teixeira now, sources say, would be if the Maryland native were to take their offer, which is believed to be for seven years and about $150 million. 

“The Orioles are out of it, unless Teixeira really, really wants to play there,” said one source. 

According to MLB.com, the Nationals’ offer stands at $160 million for eight years. During last week’s winter meetings in Las Vegas, the Angels made an eight-year pitch to Teixeira’s camp. “

I want the O’s to sign him, but enough is enough…they made a good offer and seem serious in trying to sign him…if he does not want to sign here so ge it…continue the youth movement! No one really knows who has offered what…so relax and let’s see how it turns out.
2. Ravens vs Pittsburgh: I do not care if it was a TD or not…What I care about that twice this season the Ravens have let opposing teams drive 80 yards ir more in the last 4 minutes to score TD to beat them. And even more diturbing is they stop playing defense they way they had been all game long…Stop the prevent stuff and get after it like you did the first 56 minutes and the rest would not even matter. Control the game! Don’t let the other team or the refs determine your outcome.
3. NY Giants: I don’t know if its the injuries ir the Burress situation but the GMEN are in a bit of trouble…Maybe Eli can pull them out of this funk?
4. Pro Bowl: Rogers should not be their over Ngata…simple…same way Farve and Cutler should not be there over Rivers…or Eli over Ryan…and how does John Abraham not get an invite with 15 sacks?
5. Park yourself in a comfy seat this weekend: Start Saturday night! Ravens at Cowboys…Sunday 1pm Steelers at the Titans, 4:15pm Atlanta at Minnesota and then 8:15 The Giants host the Panthers…what a weekend the NFL will be this weekend!
6. Now that the Celtics have won a Championship, I think they now want to be the best team ever…can anyone stop them? The Lakers? New Orleans?…anyone in the East?
7. The BCS has ruined the bowl cycle for me…I use to love New Years Day…get up and watch football from 11am til Midnight or so with 8 games on the sked for the day….now we only get 5 games on New Years Day with 7 games to be played afterwards, ending a week later with the National Championship game….WHY is that game so far after New Years Day, they ruined one of the best sports days of the year!
8. Bowl game not to miss…December 23rd…Poinsettia Bowl…TCU vs Boise State…if you are going to watch one…that one should be entertaining…
9. If the University of Maryland Men’s Basketball team does not win their next 6 games…its NIT BOUND for sure!
10. Tune into Chicken Box Friday tomorrow….give Rob a call!