Randy Moss: has baggage …. will travel

November 02, 2010 |

In the end, I think Brad Childress probably thought he was Bill Belichick’s equal, when it comes to wheeling, dealing and overall POWER, within his organization. Not even close, my friend. Just look at how the Moss departure, from both teams, likely unfolded.

I’ll imagine that on the morning he dealt Moss, Bill Belichick dialed the Patriots’ owner to confirm the deal. Here’s the transcript of the conversation …..

Bob Kraft“Good morning, Jesus”

Bill Belichick “Hey Bob, I traded Moss to Minnesota”

Bob Kraft“Oh really …. are you sure that was a good move, my lord and savior?”

Bill Belichick“It’s what I want, Bob.”

Bob Kraft“And, let it be done …. for you know more than any man”

Bill Belichick“That’s right, don’t question me again …. now order me some more hooded sweatshirts.”

Bob Kraft“Yes, father.”

Now, you can trust the same conversation did not unfold between Brad Childress and Vikings ownership, yesterday morning. As sure as the San Francisco Giants are World Champions, and slots opponents will be crying the blues tonight, Brad Childress is on the hot seat – especially following yesterday’s likely conversation ….

Zygi Wilf“Hey Brad, what’s up? …. did you have to euthanize Favre?”

Brad Childress“No sir, but I did waive Moss, a few minutes ago”

Zygi Wilf“YOU DID WHAT !?!?”

And, that’s probably the moment when Brad Childress realized he wasn’t Bill Belichick’s equal. And, it probably served to further compound his suspicions: Bill Belichick ripped him off.