Raven’s Draft Day: Calm and Cool?

April 20, 2009 |

YES! For the first time since our inception there is coolness that surrounds all of us in Baltimore. Fans and even sports personalities in Baltimore are ending most of they’re draft debates with, “Well Ozzie and the Ravens’ know what they’re doing”,  and they do.  Ozzie has set up this draft like a champion chess player. No matter what the opponents do before it’s our turn to move, Ozzie has a counter move already planned. If the former Terp, Bey, is taken early and Ozzie doesn’t like other recievers he will look for a linebacker, and if no linebacker is appealing he could trade for a pick down the line, to get more bang for the buck . This draft class seems to have more depth in the middle rounds as opposed to the end of the first round anyway.  The Ravens, whenever they choose to draft a player, Ozzie usually goes with the “best player available” strategy that has been used since the Raven’s inception. With player’s like Ed Reed,  Boulware, Ogden, and Ray Ray it’s obvious Ozzie knows what he’s doing by using that strategy. With all of us looking on to see who we draft, unlike previous years, this year, it’s with a cool and calm that we do it.  Great job, Ozzie!!