Ravens get “victimized” in NFL’s playoff mess …..

January 03, 2011 |


The Chiefs played just three games against teams that finished with a winning record, and just one of those contests featured an opponent that achieved 10 wins on the season. Yeah, they lost that game – to the Indianapolis Colts.

On the other hand, the Ravens played seven games against teams that wrapped up more wins than losses, including 10, 11, 12 and 13-win franchises. The Ravens won four of those seven games, as well.

But, they’re still going on the road for the playoffs.

Finally, Rex Ryan and his New York Jets will carry their 11-5 record into Indianapolis for a rematch of last year’s AFC Championship game, against the Colts, fresh off their 10-win campaign.

Both of these teams had comparable schedules from a strength perspective and they’re pretty evenly matched, but the Jets still won more games on the season.

Say what you will, but when three of four contests scheduled for next week will be hosted by teams that had fewer victories than their opponents, I’d say the process of determining seedings needs to be analyzed.

Reward teams that win !!!! That’s the spirit of the game …..

By the way, if the NFL did seed teams according to overall records and regardless of divisional superiority, the prospective playoff ranking would look like this …..


1) New England Patriots
2) Pittsburgh Steelers
3) Baltimore Ravens
4) New York Jets
5) Indianapolis Colts
6) Kansas City Chiefs


1) Atlanta Falcons
2) Chicago Bears
3) New Orleans Saints
4) Green Bay Packers
5) Philadelphia Eagles
6) Seattle Seahawks

A little different picture of matchups, huh?

Okay, okay, this is probably that “kool-aid” moment I mentioned earlier in the blog. If respective seedings really did boil down to overall record, the Ravens would be hosting the Chiefs, next weekend.

And, that would make me very happy. But, it would also be the fairest of situations.