Ravens Loss Worth Celebrating

December 10, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson

The biggest issue, as I see it, is the team’s conservatism. The Ravens simply don’t take chances until they have to. As we’ve seen when their backs are to the wall they’ve been pretty good at responding. While it’s easy to pin most of the blame on Cam Cameron and the offense, if we as fans can easily identify “issues” with the offense, and week after week nothing changes, then we’re left to assume that the offensive conservatism is a byproduct of the overall game plan and philosophy of the team rather than the play-by-play decision making of the coordinator.

Prior to 2 weeks ago the Ravens were 7-1 in games decided in the closing minutes. Now in consecutive weeks they’ve lost under those same circumstances. The problem being that the Ravens were in modest control of both games throughout, and by the time they had lost control it was simply too late. That can be fixed, I’m sure of it. Whether or not it will however is another matter altogether.


One thing is certain though. As long as the Ravens continued winning their philosophy wasn’t going to change. Now that the philosophy has failed them in consecutive weeks, maybe change is afoot. We, as fans, can only hope.


Here are a few more reasons not to give up hope just yet:


#1 – Despite their consecutive losses, the Ravens will still be in the driver’s seat next week for the 2-seed in the AFC as long as Houston or San Francisco can beat New England. If you’re going to have your eggs in someone else’s basket, the Texans and 49ers aren’t bad choices.


#2 – The last 2 Super Bowl champions were a combined 0-3 vs. the Redskins in their championship seasons…the Rex Grossman led Redskins at that.


#3 – Most eventual Super Bowl winners have to go through big struggles before finding their “coming of age” moment. Maybe the Ravens have just had theirs.


#4 – Things still don’t feel as hopeless as when the Ravens went 4 consecutive weeks without a TD…and we all remember how that season turned out.


#5 – If things continue down the path they’re on, the Cam bashers will finally get their wish.