Ravens Observation: Disappointed in Stallworth

March 08, 2011 | Brian Billick

In addition to player analysis and specific team needs, I will also try to include 2/3 specific Ravens observations per week.  Please check back here frequently and feel free to post a comment or follow me on twitter @coachbillick.

I was disappointed to see Ravens WR Donte Stallworth rip into the Ravens coaches for “not using me properly”.  I understand that every receiver wants the ball and thinks whatever system the team is running is wrong unless he is the primary focus.  It is also standard operating procedure for a player who is on the market, to lash out at his existing team if he wants other teams to know he is available and interested in leaving.  I get all this.  But Stallworth came to the Ravens under the most severe of circumstance after having been banished from the league after being involved in a vehicular death.  The Ravens took a major risk on signing Stallworth and it would have been nice to see a player, regardless of his current position, show some gratitude to the organization.  He could have accomplished his purpose without venting to Peter King about his under productivity.