Ravens & Redskins Are MILLIONS Of Miles Apart …..

January 15, 2009 |

On a good day, a typical motorist can drive from the Baltimore Ravens team headquarters to Redskins Park in about 90 minutes, right?  After all, it’s a straight shot down I95, to the DC Beltway.


A mere 80 miles separates these two facilities.  However, they might as well be on opposite sides of the earth, because the product being produced at each facility shares no respective similarities.


In fairness, I’m going to concede I’ve never been to Redskins Park.  And, my trips to Winning Drive have been limited.  Yet, I’ve heard and read enough to know these two buildings are governed with differing paths ….. while they both hope to find the same destination.


I’ve never had an “all-access” privilege to the Ravens complex.  But, I’ve heard Casey Willett, Drew Forrester and others rave about the professionalism and decorum exhibited, daily, inside this building.


Do you recall Drew’s recent take regarding the overwhelming courtesy displayed by Ravens staff and employees?  I have been in management, and I know this behavior is learned ….. from the top.  And, it’s expected as a standard.


Maybe Redskins employees act in a similar way.  I don’t know.  But, I do know there aren’t as many of them roaming the halls of Redskins Park, these days.  And, I’d bet this is just the tip of the iceberg – when drawing differences between the two teams.


In Ashburn, they’re laying-off employees, to include those committed to player development.  In Owings Mills, I’d bet they’re further enhancing the same staffs ….. especially, those committed to the future of the franchise.


In this era of the NFL, how does a team eliminate its Director of Player Development?  Forget the scouting bit ….. but why would you forsake the guy who oversees players making that transition from college to the pro game?


It doesn’t take a shrewd thinker to realize the luxuries of an NFL player’s life are also riddled with thornbushes and traps.  Just look at the names ….. PacMan Jones, Chris Henry, Tank Johnson, Antonio Bryant, Santonio Holmes, Ricky Manning, Maurice Jones-Drew, Ben Roethlisberger, Kellen Winslow and ….. should I go on?


There are also players who come from troubled backgrounds and have experienced legal consequences, in college.  Yep, for every Joe Flacco, Tom Brady and Donovan McNabb, there’s a Christian Peter out there.  And, for every Mark Clayton, Greg Olson and Steve Slaton, there’s a Peter Warrick coming through the system.


To be honest, it seems like NFL teams should be adapt at ensuring a staff aimed at helping young men to make good decisions is fully realized.  Would you be surprised to see some Redskins make bad, personal choices over the next couple years.  And, if they do, who’s gonna counsel them ….. Danny Snyder ???


There is also the consideration of an array of additional support staff being laid off by the Redskins.  According to published reports, the ‘Skins had a bad revenue year.  Really ???  They SOLD OUT every freakin’ game.


And, the employees let go were forced to sign CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENTS to ensure their severance packages.  Such measures are not taken to protect an employers integrity ….. it’s just a bullish way of guaranteeing severed personnel don’t start coughing up the TRUTH.


You see, the Redskins and Ravens are nothing alike ….. on the field or off it.  Lets make this as painless, as possible.  Redskins fans – just buy a purple jersey and embrace your neighbors to the north.  There is plenty of room for you.


And, don’t think it’s gonna get better.  Take it from US ….. in April, we start following Baltimore’s version of dysfunction and despair.  It’s Hell – get out now !!!!