Ravens Roll The Dice On Terrell Owens …..

March 09, 2009 |

Forget daylight savings time, jump in my “way ahead machine” and we’ll fast forward to December, 2009. The Buffalo Bills will probably be out of contention, but it will be interesting to see how the Terrell Owens experiment unfolds.

In a perfect world, we could see into the future.  And, many folks already feel they can see that future, especially as it relates to Terrell Owens.  After all, plenty of insiders/outsiders predicted the eventual “Dallas Divorce” with Jerry Jones, right?

I’m not suggesting Terrell Owens and his agent Drew Rosenhaus haven’t created more media spectacles than ANYONE ELSE in NFL circles, over the past few years.  Their orchestrated productions have become fodder for sports media, as well as tabloids.  And, I think just about anyone would agree with this assessment.

However, the most important question is “can he help another team?”  And, more specifically, “can he help the Baltimore Ravens?”  It’s really that simple.  While a potential suitor cannot forget how Owens basically torched bridges on his way out of San Francisco, Philadelphia and Dallas ….. there can be a joint resolution to put those incidents in the PAST.

I would be interested to know if Terrell Owens – in a private moment – would have been willing to concede he’s a true risk to any contending team that displayed interest in his services.  If not, then Buffalo was probably the best destination Rosenhaus could deliver.

However, if he was/is open to “cleansing his soul” for the Ozzie Newsome’s, Bill Belichick’s and Bill Parcells’ of the football world, perhaps, Terrell Owens wouldn’t be spending the next calendar year in upstate New York.  After all, he’s in Buffalo !!!!

Did the Owens and Rosenhaus crew ever have an opportunity to sell some contrition and self-repentence to prospective employers?  Maybe not.  Look at it this way, have you heard one voice echo some optimism for Owens over the last week?

While just about EVERYONE – fans, media, players, coaches and owners probably believe Terrell Owens has demonstrated a consistency of self destruction that will ultimately lead to an implosion and ugly ending in Buffalo, he remains an intriguing presence and potential talent to many.

There is little doubt Terrell Owens possesses the field stretching abilities to kill a defensive secondary on ANY GIVEN SUNDAY.  And, don’t give me the bullcrap about dropped balls and a reluctance to take hits.  If your team is playing Owens’ team, you’re worried …..

I’m not a guy who will armchair quarterback – OR armchair “General Manage.”  Ozzie Newsome and every other GM in football is privy to intelligence and insight not availed to media and fans.  That’s the blunt truth.

But, I do wonder if Ozzie ever considered meeting with Terrell Owens, for a heart to heart conversation.  No, this isn’t something that could’ve occurred in Owings Mills, or anywhere in this area.  But, how about dinner and a “no holds barred” meeting in Manhattan?

Owens had nothing to lose.  And, Ozzie had nothing to lose ….. in simply talking.  Heck, maybe this did happen.  And, maybe, Ozzie didn’t get the answers he needed.  We’ll never know – until the book comes out !!!!

I’m still stunned that Terrell Owens ended up in Buffalo.  I would’ve sworn that he and Rosenhaus could’ve talked a formidable contender into taking a chance.  Perhaps, Owens never got such an opportunity ….. or he’s living in denial, while believing he’s done no wrong.

At this point, the pressure is on the Ravens and every other NFL team that passed on Terrell Owens and his ability to score touchdowns.  If he simply makes Buffalo the latest stop on his world tour of creating enemies and pissing-off peers, will anyone really be surprised?

But, if Owens finally gets it – and that’s a HUGE “if” – a number of NFL teams could end up looking silly.  Once again, I’m not suggesting the Buffalo experiment will go smoothly, but it would be reassuring to know the Ravens weren’t closed minded to this addition.

It’s no secret the Ravens need a top-notch wide receiver.  Yep, they need a stud.  This was an opportunity and at a relative bargain.  Why not consider it?  Why not try to make it fit?  It was worth a “look see.”

Lets be frank with each other, the NFL and it’s respective franchises are not in the “choir boy” business.  You get it, right?  They’re not as interested in integrity and credibility, as much as talent and ability.  If integrity and personal character were defining factors in employment, players with criminal records and dependence issues would be looking for work in the REAL WORLD.

That said, I realize Terrell Owens has injected conflict into the atmosphere of many locker rooms.  I get that.  I also realize it isn’t Ray Lewis’ job to police Owens or anyone else.  These are grown men, with livelihoods on the line.  Each guy must answer for himself.

I’m also not buying the notion that Terrell Owens could “ruin” Joe Flacco. Really?  Well, if that’s the case, Joe-Cool really isn’t as COOL as we originally thought.  Nothing seems to faze Flacco – including the prospect of a tumultuous dude like Owens.

In the end, I simply think Terrell Owens’ availability wasn’t a closed door issue.  I don’t care about the debacle resulting in the bobbled trade from San Francisco – just like I don’t care about a Super Bowl, nearly a decade ago.  I care about NOW.

And, Terrell Owens posed some promise for the 2009 Baltimore Ravens.  Ozzie and company weren’t interested, last week.  I wonder how they’ll feel when December rolls around …..