Ravens Talk…

September 08, 2008 |

I’ve never been one for Gatorade baths during the regular season, but John Harbaugh deserved it yesterday, picking up his first career win as a Head Coach.

Another person who deserved it was Joe Flacco. For all of the bad luck the Ravens have had at the quarterback position, it’s good to see signs of some good fortune on the horizon.

Flacco showed attributes that Kyle Boller hasn’t shown in over five years and Troy Smith hasn’t shown in his brief stay with the Ravens.

The Bengals, on the other hand, showed why I have a difficult time believing the Ravens will only win three or four games like many have predicted.

Marvin Lewis’ bunch is not a good football team. They are proof that talent alone doesn’t win games in the NFL.

The Bengals looked confused and showed a lack of harmony as a unit.

My pre-season prediction was that the Ravens could start the season with a 2-1 start. Most laughed at that idea.

While it’s no more of a lock now than it was two weeks ago, the Texans and the Browns outing yesterday makes it look pretty good. The thing you have to use caution about is the Cowboys are an excellent team and I think the Steelers are good as well. The Bengals are a bad football team and the Ravens showed that they’re better.

That means that if this is a crossroads season, then the starting point for this football team isn’t as bad as many of us thought.

As the fans chanted yesterday, “Let’s Go Flacco!!!” Looks like Baltimore finally has a quarterback. Regardless what the record will be this season, looks like we could have some fun.