Ray Lewis, Deer Antlers, and one very important lesson …..

January 20, 2011 |

I have spent a considerable portion of my adult life in and around different drug cultures. I have bought drugs, sold drugs, seized drugs and arrested offenders connected to virtually every type of offense involving drugs.

From loudmouth punks who get caught with a dirty bowl, to teenage ‘slingers on a street corner, to addict/junkies who’ll pawn their kid’s video games, to KINGPIN offenders who import marijuana in hundreds of pounds, I have dealt with every type of offender.

So, when I hear stories about athletes being tied to performance enhancing drugs, I naturally take notice and pay particular attention. Such topics will always interest me …..

In total disclosure, I must admit that I haven’t had much exposure to PED’s. And, to be honest, given the criminal environment and violence tied to street drugs (heroin, cocaine, meth), law enforcement agencies tend to emphasize their efforts on such problems, as opposed to ridding society of steroids.

However, given the undermining subculture of performance enhancing drug usage in America’s professional sports landscape, I always look for the parallels between athletes who use, or allegedly use such drugs and the people who recreationally use narcotics in daily life.

Both groups usually conceal such usage with a “deeper” desire to avoid exposure …..

Both groups consistently have a “deeper” issue than a simple habit …..

Both groups usually get caught – especially as they spiral “deeper” into this world …..

So, when I first encountered last night’s Yahoo Sports story regarding Hue Jackson and Ray Lewis’ alleged tie to a supplement company that distributes substances banned by the NFL, I developed an immediate interest.

From the perspective of knowing topics that impact Baltimore’s sports environment and its athletes, to my attraction to DRUGS, I’m spending my morning learning as much I can about “Deer Antler Velvet Extract” and its relationship to the human body.

Look, I’ve never heard of the stuff and on the surface of the discussion, I’m having a difficult time discerning the value of a deer’s antlers for anything other than fighting another deer …..

But, if there is any correlation to ANTLERS and their VELVET to the propensity to earn CASH, I will be petitioning Nestor to rethink his adamant opposition to popping some of the biggest bucks I’ve ever seen, from the WNST studio’s window.


I have no doubt that plenty of on-air and informal conversations will transpire from this story. And, such discussions will be far-reaching. To a point, I’m glad to see this story developing after the Ravens season has ended.

If Ray remained in the public eye and available to reporters, he would be besieged with questions about the article and his alleged relationship to the affected company, Sports With Alternatives To Steroids (S.W.A.T.S.). The situation would’ve become a likely distraction, and inquiries would’ve created a roundabout undermining of the upcoming game.

Let’s also be honest about Ray Lewis and any alleged connection to illegal or prohibited conduct. An overwhelming amount of people – especially outside of Baltimore – are always going to pre-judge him. He will be cast as a villain and performance enhancing drug user by THOUSANDS, as soon as they hear of the story.

That’s wrong. But, it’s also the impulsive and sensationalist way of many sports fans.