Ray Lewis, Deer Antlers, and one very important lesson …..

January 20, 2011 |

I have been quite honest in my ignorance, as it relates to PED’s and banned substances. God knows I never heard of deer antler velvet extract before reading the Yahoo Sports article. But, I will learn about it.

I am never surprised to observe instances of athletes testing positive for steroids or other banned substances. Although, I do believe Major League Baseball and its players have served as a distracting “fall guy” for other sports leagues.

While I think recklessly and irresponsibly lobbing accusations at specific athletes, without merit, is wrong, I also believe most reasonable minds don’t really believe the National Football League’s culture of players universally abstains from using PED’s.

The baseball players who have been forever soiled for their confirmed relationship to PED’s were nowhere near the size, nor did they possess the muscle mass of many current NFL players. Once again, it’s unfair to throw out names, but do any of us really believe these guys got so HUGE by eating healthy, lifting weights and taking vitamins?

To an extent, it’s human nature to get away with a desired behavior, regardless of rules. People always push their luck – in whatever they might do. And, in a way, that’s what athletes are doing when it comes to performance enhancing drug usage.

They try to find a way around the rules. Sure, they’re trying to gain an advantage – by getting bigger and stronger, or by recovering quicker from fatigue. They know policies exist, but they’ll always search for a means to subvert the system.

It will never, ever end.

In looking back at street drugs, the same human habits and intentions exist. If a trafficker’s route of delivery or distribution is halted, they find another way. They always do. If a user gets caught, they don’t quit using. They just find a different means or try harder to secrete their addiction.

If an athlete is bent on using performance enhancing drugs, they’re going to do it – period.

Of course, they will search for innovative and original ways of getting an edge. Before yesterday, I never imagined such an edge could be found in a deer’s antlers. Go figure …..

I will leave you with this and it relates specifically to Ray Lewis …. he might eventually be firmly connected to a banned substance. But, more importantly, HE MIGHT NOT.

I sleep well at night, knowing I’ve never accused or arrested an innocent man.

And, I’m not going to start doing it now.