Ray Lewis says you can’t ask for more than this chance in New England

January 15, 2012 | WNSTV

Divisional Playoffs - Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens

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  1. Cliff Says:

    How do you beat a supposedly better team? You stop what they do best; sometimes by turnovers, and other times by crucial stops. But at least 75% of it is always defense. It also could be unleashing an offense that the other team is not prepared for; but in any case, you have to actually “beat” the other team. You can not rely on ‘what got you this far’ to beat them. There is no secret in beating New England. You have to stop or at least put “doubt” in Tom Brady. He will come “apart” like Aaron Rodgers did if the Ravens accomplish the above.

    This has been proved over and over in football. You have to ‘beat’ the other team and stop what they do best.
    Alabama vs. LSU. Alabama defense stopped the powerful LSU offense;game over! 1969 Jets way back in the day ‘beat’ the Colts. The Colts relying on what had ‘got them that far’ were not ready to stop Namath. They were not prepared to stop the Jet’s running. They were not prepared for any….. misfortunes. It came upon them like a dark cloud. All because the Jets were ‘prepared’ to beat the Colts.

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