Really Ed?

July 19, 2012 | Marty Mossa

It is not a secret that I bleed purple, or that I am very biased when it comes to the Ravens. I give Raven players far more slack than I would an Orioles or a Steeler. But an average Joe like me can only take so much from some rich spoiled athlete like Ed Reed.

Now just for the record, I don’t begrudge Ed Reed for making seven figures for what he does. He is (WAS) one of the best of his craft. And although I may envy him I’m not jealous. Although salaries in professional sports have gotten out of hand, it is the nature of the beast.

Reed is at the end of his contract. He is due roughly $7 million this year. He was quoted as saying that the Ravens “won’t get him on the cheap.” FOR WHAT?????????

Ed, you WERE great, and are a first ballot shoe in to Canton, Ohio. But the optimum word is WERE. You aren’t what you used to be. You’ve been in the league for 10 seasons. You have a bad neck and hips. You have been injury prone over the course of the last few years, and have lost more than a step. Frankly you should invest the seven million you will make this year and put it away for retirement. Ed, I hate to break it to you but: you are in the November of your career, and tomorrow is “Black” Friday.

Barring a Pro Bowl Season, if I were the Ravens; I’d give you a gold watch and wish you’d luck. Unless you prove me wrong, I think you’re washed up. It’s time to hang it up.

Didn’t you learn anything from Ray Lewis’ escapades of two years ago? Remember when Ray started to pimp himself around the league vowing never to play for Baltimore again. He thought he’d get up on the morning of free agency and there would be 31 planes waiting on the tarmac of his local airport ready to take him to the suitor of his choice. When Ray got to the airport, he must have thought that the air traffic controllers were on strike again like they were in 1981. Nobody wanted him. He came crawling back to the Ravens where he will rightfully end his career.

Ed you are (were) a great player. But you’re nowhere near Ray Lewis’ stature. If nobody wanted Ray Lewis, what makes you think that anyone would want you next year; longer in the tooth, more broken down and turning into a problem child?
Here is some advice to you Ed; take the $7M, shut your month, play hard, and plan for retirement.