Rob says I am a trouble maker…so lets make some trouble…

September 15, 2008 | WNST Interns

Just some random thoughts from the weekend from around the NFL.

·        The only reason Mike Shanahan is called gutsy is because the 2 point conversion was successful if it fails he is an idiot coach who thinks he is smarter than everyone else.

·        The Vikings need a Quarterback…I would trade for Garcia or bring C Pep back…because this is a good team with a young Quarterback holding them back.

·        The J E T S…jets jets jets are B A D bad bad bad.

·        Arizona will win the West, basically by default…

·        The NFL blew the decision this week regarding the Ravens and Houston game…they should have canceled it on Thursday or moved the Texans out to another location Thursday in case they could play the game. Just like they did for the Saints the previous weekend. The game should not have been played, but the NFL needs to do better in these situations. I hope everyone in Houston gets their power back and water on as fast as possible.

·        LT will be fine…last year he started slow as well

·        The Bengals will not be fine…get what you can for them.

·        Don’t look now but JT O’Sullivan may be a Fantasy threat.

·        Ahmad Bradshaw will be a fantasy factor, but not right away…he only had 6 touches yesterday…

·        Darren McFadden will be a superstar, BUT…let not anoint him the savior…I rather have Jonathan Stewart right now on my fantasy team…he will be more consistent.

·        Tampa Bay will make many QB’s look bad this year.

·        The Titans Defense is for real….they get Houston next.

·         Jay Cutler to Brandon Marshall…thank you!!!

·        The Rams secondary is going to make many Quarterbacks look like hall of famers this year.

·        I picked the Saints and the Jags to go to the Super Bowl…neither will happen…Jags OLINE has been devastated by injuries (lost 4 of top 6 lineman) and the Saints Defense is horrible…Jason Campbell is a bad QB and they made him look like a pro-bowler.

·        Vince Young may never play in Tennessee again.

·        Pittsburgh beating the Browns last night was good for the Ravens!

·        Denver’s offense is scary!