Root For The Steelers …..

January 30, 2009 |

For the past two weeks, I’ve heard all the excuses.  I’ve heard of the disdain and pure hatred Baltimoreans stomach, when it comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Heck, you’re even blindly rooting against them in the Super Bowl, right?


Well, if you are rooting against the Steelers, I’m gonna try changing your mind ….. and heart – for just ONE day.  I hope Bob Haynie is reading this and at 10am, I hope he tells the world, “Rex Snider helped me see the light.”


Maybe, Nestor is reading it, too.  Could you imagine if I changed his mind?  Hey, it’s possible ….. if you look at this game and the very reasons we SHOULD have for rooting for/against each franchise.  And, yes, it’s personal …..


Why do we hate the Pittsburgh Steelers?  We can’t hang it on 3 losses, this past season.  And, we can’t manufacture the hate – out of envy, simply because they’ve got a knack for beating the Ravens at the most crucial times.  C’mon, don’t bluntly hate, as a result of disappointment.


Unlike the Cowboys, Yankees or Lakers, the Steelers are not brimming with glitz and an aura deeming them BETTER than others.  Nope, they’re just a hard knocks football team.  And, they’re legendary.  It is what it is …..


There’s one more factor, too …..


The Steelers and specifically, the Rooneys have never played games with the hearts of Baltimoreans.  They have never courted us and they’ve never left us standing alone, with our “ ______” in our hands, right?


So, they’ve kicked our asses between the goalposts.  What are they paid to do?  It’s really that simple …..


Now, look at the team on the opposite sideline – yep, the Arizona Cardinals.  You can twist this supposed feel-good story any way your little heart desires.  Sure, Kurt Warner is a great guy and a truly good man.  And, the Cardinals may never be here, again.   TOUGH.


You wanna hate someone?  Better yet, do you simply wanna root against somebody?  Well, choose the right person ….. and the right team.  And, get fixated on that little dude in the bowtie and cheesy suit.


Look no further than Bill Bidwill – owner of the Arizona Cardinals.  Sure, jump in the “wayback machine” and land yourself in 1988/89.  Do you recall the antics Bidwill and his Cardinals organization pulled on the people of Baltimore?


We were fresh off a life-defining loss of our own franchise, to the city of Indianapolis.  And, Bill Bidwill played GAMES with us.  He used us and left us with nothing – but hearts that were even further damaged, from a desire to love another team.


Has he ever apologized?  Has he ever reached out to Baltimore and explained himself?  That’s the audacity and selfish nature of someone who doesn’t care about people, simply because, he doesn’t personally know them.


Now, this IS A REASON to root against someone.


Every season, Dan Rooney rises to the occasion and delivers on providing the toughest and most formidable foe we can readily expect.  Isn’t there a respect and degree of admirable distinction in this?  Damn, it’s exactly what football should be …..


The Steelers and Ravens are turning into the NFL’s best rivalry.  But, there must come a time when we tip our cap to such an adversary, especially when they beat us and left us “disappointed” in the RIGHT way …..


Bill Bidwill didn’t do this.  He made it personal ….. and it had nothing to do with football.  His defeat of Baltimore came outside the goalposts.  Don’t forget this on Sunday.  He doesn’t deserve our support.


I can only hope Bob Haynie reads this in time …..