Should Marshall’s Lack Of Suitors Be A Surprise?

June 25, 2009 | Thyrl Nelson

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since disgruntled Broncos’ wide receiver, Brandon Marshall proclaimed himself available through trade, and catapulted himself into the forefront of the consciousness of Ravens fans everywhere. Since then there has been very little in the way of movement on the Brandon Marshall front.


For most who follow the Ravens, their lack of interest in Marshall is both understandable and predictable, as well as being a relief to many of their fans. For those familiar with the NFL in general though, the lack of interest in Marshall, seemingly from teams across the board, probably comes as a pretty big shock.


Marshall’s struggles off the field have been very well documented, but in relative terms, there are certainly guys of lesser talent and character on the rosters of teams all over the NFL. Maybe the lack of interest in Marshall from the league in general, speaks to there being even more than meets the eye, when it comes to his off the field issues. In any regard, if no one is taking an interest in this kid, then you can bet that the Ravens have already passed.


It’s not beyond reason that Marshall will grow up one day, and learn to behave himself. Worse men than him have certainly done it. Usually though, there’s a giant low that precedes that turnaround, some life altering experience that finally shakes a knucklehead to his core, and forces him to reevaluate his life. By all accounts, that light bulb should have gone off for Marshall a long time ago.


If having a front row seat for the Darrent Williams tragedy doesn’t shake you up, what will? Whatever it ultimately takes, it’s safe to say that most NFL clubs won’t want it to happen on their dime.


The $2.2 million dollars that Marshall is slated to make this season should have been a lesson in itself. Marshall, presumably fell to the 4th round because of the pattern of legal issues he began to show in college. Since then, he has certainly silenced any doubts regarding his on field capabilities, but somehow failed to register the lesson that his contract was meant to represent in some capacity.


If the team that drafted Maurice Clarett and just signed reputed malcontent Brandon Lloyd doesn’t want you, and the team that just let Lloyd go, and now has your former QB, who should be your biggest proponent by the way, doesn’t want you; then why would anyone else? Certainly not the Ravens.


And although there’s little to point to, to suggest that Marshall is a detriment to the locker room, it could be said that he hasn’t handled adversity very well in his life. Doesn’t raising your fists against girlfriends, family members and club patrons suggest that you may not be the coolest of customers when the pressure gets turned up? Does demanding a trade, seemingly because you’re unhappy with a change at QB speak to your team spirit?


Dealing with adversity is a challenge that every NFL team will have face with if they hope to be successful. Are you confident that Marshall would be ready to go, with his head in the game when the chips are down? His pattern in like suggests otherwise. 


Actually it’s kind of funny when you think about it. Here’s a receiver who’s had his name all over the news wire for the last 2 off seasons because of his miscreant behavior off the field. Yet, as one of the league’s premier receivers, he makes it known that his services are available and being shopped…and crickets. No one is talking about him.


While we can be amused at that, and we can also see the logic behind it, it’s probably safe to say that with Marshall, it hasn’t even registered. That’s been his pattern.