Slow Your Roll Monday On the MSB

March 12, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson

It’s “Slow Your Roll Monday” on the MobTown Sports Beat, where we try to lend a bit of perspective to those who may feel compelled to put their carts before their proverbial horses. We’re handing out re-spects and speed checks on the MSB today:



Juan Manuel Lopez


Slow your roll JuanMa. You just got your butt whipped by a 31-year old journeyman in Orlando Salido (38-11-2) for the second straight time, in your home country, by merciful stoppage. That you stood in the ring post-fight and declared yourself dominant after losing is only slightly less farcical than the fact that 2 of 3 judges had you ahead by 2 pts. with the 3rd judge seeing it even. Regardless, Lopez could barely stand, much less fight, after being pasted in the 10th round. Still, Lopez pushed the envelope even further by declaring referee Roberto Ramirez Sr. had a gambling problem that was at the root of not only this stoppage, but also the stoppage of the last meeting between Salido and JuanMa by Ramirez’ son. Lopez needs to slow his roll, mind his manners and get back to work, because there’s still work to be done. Salido should rightly forget any talk of another rematch after beating Lopez twice in two tries and instead look ahead to bigger and better fights possibly against guys like Nonito Donaire or Adrian Broner. If those don’t work out, Lopez will always be there and so will fans’ interest. Lopez deserves credit for providing the other end of two great fights from Salido, and for his heart and determination in defining an early fight of the year candidate. But his post-fight antics were both uncalled for and plain wrong; for that reason JuanMa needs to slow his roll.



Pat Knight


Slow down Pat Knight, and all of the story makers who have rewritten the history of Knight’s infamous and over the top indictment of his senior class just a few weeks ago. Knight got a lot of attention and harkened images of his famous father with a rant for the ages after a Feb. 22nd loss to Stephen F. Austin in which he attacked a senior class that he had inherited rather than recruited as “the worst bunch of kids he’d ever been around”. His team responded with a 6-game win streak that has amounted to a Southland title and a trip now to the big dance, and now it seems that Knight and many revisionist historians have taken to praising the ugly rant and the subsequent result. What has conveniently found its way out of the rant highlights as we celebrate the result was Knight’s reference to drugs in addition to their other myriad of problems. It was a make or break play for Pat Knight, and to his credit and good fortune the “worst group of players he’s been around” found the character and fortitude to save their season…and possibly his ongoing employment and reputation. Before he breaks his arm patting himself on the back over the result, Knight needs to slow his roll and acknowledge that he was more dead wrong than astute visionary.