Slow Your Roll Monday On the MSB

March 12, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson

Terrell Stoglin


Slow your roll Terrell Stoglin, before you make a mistake that you should be too smart to consider. Yours is not an NBA skill set, not yet and very likely not ever. If you’re giving any consideration at all to leaving College Park after a season in which you’ve been given free reign to take the offense hostage, and in which you’ve exercised that reign far too often, you should stop. Your game needs work, and you’re in the exact right place to get it. Right now your game is much closer to Anderson Hunt or Miles Simon than it is to Jimmer Fredette or Allen Iverson. Clearly you have a game that tries to emulate Iverson, and in Mark Turgeon you have one of his former coaches. If there is an NBA future for you it’ll be as a bastardized point guard a la Iverson, and there aren’t many credible places that offer you a better chance at that than Maryland would seem to. Before you exercise your leverage and investigate other options you ought to consider your circumstances and appreciate the opportunity that still could be at hand at Maryland. Slow down Terrell Stoglin.



NCAA Elite


The Championship weekend that just passed promised to be filled with excitement, if not meaningful excitement. It turns out that it lived up to those expectations on both fronts. The weekend itself looked to be an anticlimax at least from the top of the bracket and only important and urgent for those on the bubble. Syracuse, Kansas, Carolina and Kentucky all looked not only cemented to top seeds, but also looked to have (mostly) clear paths to conference titles. All, instead, found ways to falter and enter the tourney on a sour note. All but Kansas managed to hold onto their top seeds anyway, and a fairly prolific run by Michigan State through a parity riddled Big 10 tourney may have had as much to do with Kansas’ relegation to the two line as their own disappointing loss. How it impacts their fortunes going forward is anyone’s guess, but this weekend brought a heavy dose of slow your roll to the NCAA elite.



JR Smith


JR Smith needs to slow his roll and the NBA is determined to make it happen. Smith, fresh back from a controversial stay in China and newly settled with the Knicks, took to Twitter last week and posted a risqué picture of his model girlfriend Tahiry Jose in a thong with a comment about her butt blocking his view of the game on TV. David Stern wasn’t amused as the NBA acted quickly in handing out a $25,000 fine to Smith and apparently Jose’s ex-boyfriend rapper Joe Budden has taken to Internet chivalry and may be winning back (or at least trying to) his former girlfriend as a result. This isn’t he first time Smith and one of his girlfriends have been involved in controversy and it won’t be the last I’m sure, but if Smith isn’t careful he may end up being at the forefront of a precedent setting free speech case, as many have criticized the NBA for fining Smith as much as they’ve criticized Smith for his bad judgment. Setting free speech precedents might ultimately prove admirable work for Smith but it sure won’t be good for his street cred. Before he loses that, Smith ad better slow down.